Fresh & Easy Markets Open in So. California
By Julie Hagin



The Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market believes that everyone deserves fresh, wholesome food at affordable prices. Around the holidays, when time is short and budgets are tight, your local neighborhood Fresh & Easy market is a great option for you to manage your budget while still eating well.

The company offers its own line of fresh, wholesome products with no artificial colors or flavors, and no added trans fat, as well as your favorite name-brand products. Fresh & Easy’s ready-made meals are delivered daily, and allow customers with busy holiday schedules to enjoy freshly-prepared meals in minutes as they would in their own kitchens.

“Everyone wants fresh, wholesome food at affordable prices. Our customers will see this is exactly what we are providing to the neighborhood,” said Tim Mason, Fresh & Easy’s CEO. “We’ve created a shopping trip for customers with busy lives and a desire to make their lives easier.”

Fresh and Easy has made it a priority to reduce its impact on the environment.  From solar panels to recycling, they are doing everything possible to reduce emissions, use energy efficiently, and be environmentally responsible in all facilities and operations.

At 500,000 square feet, the $13 million solar panel roofing system at the Riverside distribution center is the largest roof-mounted solar installation in California.
All stores will use LED lighting in freezers, cooler doors and outdoor signs, which uses 50% less energy than florescent.  

All Fresh & Easy trailers will include a hybrid refrigeration vector unit which minimizes the amount of diesel used to safely cool and transport store products. 

Trailers are also designed to reduce audible noise by 66 percent and will not make night deliveries to stores with homes nearby, reducing traffic noise. In addition, Fresh & Easy trucks will not be permitted to drive through school zones during student drop-off and pickup times.

Each store will have a budget to make product donations and will contribute to food banks and the community.

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