Energy: The Current of the Universe
What We Think Is What We Create
An excerpt from “The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World”
By Jackie Lapin, Founder of United World Healing



Imagine an Earth in the throes of peace! People of every culture and race respect each other, help each other, and work together for the good of humans, animals, and the environment. In this world everyone has enough to eat, adequate shelter, work that is fulfilling and sustaining. The global economy is balanced and everyone is reaping the benefits. Science is working to protect our treasured planet and heal all of the illnesses that have scourged the globe. Businesses are adding benefits and vacation time for workers, while executives and shareholders are sacrificing their profits just a bit in order to ensure they are bringing to market the best quality products and making the right moral choices.

Worldwide and national leaders are truly “men and women of the people,” working for the benefit of their constituency, not the strengthening of their own power base. Global warming is a thing of the past, solved through worldwide corporate and government cooperation. Alternative fuel solutions are in use everywhere. Everyone practices energy and resource conservation. People of all ages are kind and polite to each other, thoughtful and considerate. Everyone feels safe at home, the office, and when traveling since crime and terrorism have dwindled away.
Clearly this is not the world we live in today.
It could be!

Our world today is a world we and our ancestors created, a world that has been driven by our most primitive fear — the fear of being controlled by others; fear of not having enough land, food, money, power; fear of not being good enough; fear of failure; fear of not being loved or not being lovable. We feared and projected fear. Our thoughts became our reality.

That is because our thoughts and our emotions are more than just ideas and momentary feelings. They are energy. They are vibrations that we cast out into the world… either loving and kind, benevolent high-vibration frequencies that create a safe, prosperous, loving, munificent world; or they are fear-driven, angry, guilt-ridden low frequencies that poison ourselves, our loved ones and friends, and the Earth.
For just as we humans are living organisms that absorb and emit energy, so is the planet on which we live. As we continue to bombard our world with energies that are rife with fear, jealousy, resentment, guilt, anger, and self-denial, the Earth becomes the energetic repository. Like a bank, it takes on our deposits. If we feed it healthy, loving, compassionate energy in the same or greater measure, we will all be experiencing a very different reality. 

Are you angry and feeling powerless about the state of the world today? Well, don’t be, because you can help change your world. You are, in fact, one of the most powerful beings on the planet.

With every emotion we feel, we send out energy that either contributes to the construction or destruction of the peaceful world most of us would like to enjoy. You don’t have to be either the corporate raider or the abusive husband. You just might be a man who feels guilty for not spending more time with his children, or the woman who hates the figure she sees in the mirror because it carries a few extra pounds. Those energies log into a global “bank.” On the contrary, when you feel good because you have reached out to a stranger, taught someone to read, kissed your eld-erly grandmother, exercised your body, or selflessly helped a co-worker stuck on a project, you have put healthy, high-frequency vibrations into the “bank.” 

What we think and feel is what we create.

What we focus on, we manifest and attract. If we turn our attention to envisioning the world in which we want to live, through time, effort and shared vision, we can begin to mold and shape it into that image. It is through our vision, the tool of our imagination, we emit the energies that transform. Through the harnessing of joyful imaging, creating loving-mind pictures of a kinder world, we transform and replace negative, low-frequency energies that have dominated the past. This is because high-frequency energies are far more powerful than the opposite. These energies resonate with the Universe’s desire to give mankind the peace and contentment it desires.

So why have we come to this place of worldwide desperation? It is because we have relegated our creative visionary power to people who are consciously or unconsciously driven by fear.
Fear is the most potent kind of global pollution. What we believe  ­­—  consciously or subconsciously  —  determines how we perceive the world and, more importantly, the world itself. It is time we cleanse ourselves of fear and take back the power. We are the ultimate creators. It is time we remember who we are and why we are here.

Try manifesting in your own life first, using the positive techniques of Conscious Creation. Think about how many times before you have wished for something that came to pass. Your desires, your emotions and the positive energies you emitted manifested your wish. (You manifested it because on some level, you believed you could.)

We can do the same with the world around us by using Conscious Creativity — envisioning the world we want, making it real in our minds and hearts before it becomes real in the physical plane. There is no need to feel foolish or powerless, thinking you are just one person. Each one of us is an enormously powerful being for transformation. It only takes one person to ignite change in the world or inspire others.
Margaret Mead understood this when she said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

You will no longer be just one, or even a few. We are approaching a spiritual crossroads on this planet, where millions of people are realizing there must be something more, something better. They are awakening to a call for spiritual self-responsibility and global cleansing. It is a summons for us to evolve to a higher consciousness of beings. It is time to learn we are one with the Universe and we have the power to create our own reality, both personally and as a consensus reality.

As you begin your visions for personal and global transformation, others will match your high-frequency energies and desires. Like a tuning fork resonating with other vibrations on the same frequency, this united vision will be unlike any force ever before. It is a remarkable synergistic power that will be life changing for all of us.
See it, feel it, so be it.

Jackie Lapin tours the world teaching Conscious Creation and Personal Frequency Management. She is the author of “The Art of Conscious Creation; How You Can Transform the World.” To learn how you can become a master manifestor, sign up at

Jackie Lapin is the founder of United World Healing. On November 9, they will hold their first worldwide online “Vision-In” for healing the world and manifesting a better future. Join Now to Start Changing the World!

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