Co-creating with the Angels 
Starting a Healing Center in Sedona
By Phoenix



I have worked with angels all my life, even when I didn’t realize I was working with them. So when angels began appearing to me regarding a ‘special project,’ I wasn’t surprised. The first angel was Archangel Raphael who told me I needed to get a large statue representing him/her (angels are androgenous, but we tend to assign gender to make it easier to identify them). This statue would help us to co-create our life work.

Next, I began receiving visions of a healing center here in Sedona. Very specific information came in regarding the type of healing center. This healing center was to be a place for healers to come and heal themselves, and then stay to facilitate healing in others.

The angels told me that this is where we will provide free 5-minute empowerments, an abbreviated version of Integrated Energy Therapy®, giving people a taste of healing. They also told me more specific information about many other services we were to provide. I wrote all this down and shared it with my partner, Leon, who was as excited as I was.

The next thing I knew, I was being contacted by six different people who said they felt compelled to connect at that time because we would be working together in the near future. I was blown away by that as I hadn’t shared anything about my vision with anyone. Clearly the angels were in charge of this project and bringing in the right people at the right time.

We asked the angels to bring us to the right place that wasn’t too expensive, with enough room, and the best location. After a very frustrating afternoon looking at the wrong places, I finally said, “Look angels, if you want us to co-create this, you need to bring us to the place now. Make it so obvious we can’t mistake it.”

When three different people on one day spoke about the same place for lease in West Sedona! Who would have thought? We took a look at the place and felt that it was right. It was already set up for a small retail space plus three treatment rooms and a large closet-like area that could be used for the aura camera. All it lacked was the classroom.

That is when the owner said casually, “You know, on the other side of this closet is a large storage room. I would be happy to clean it out if you want to rent that too.”  We looked and found it was just the right size for a small classroom. Now we had everything we needed to get started.

We spent a month painting walls and preparing the space with gold paint and high-vibrational elements. As we were ready for furniture and equipment, the angels brought us exactly what we needed. We had our open house last year, and it was a smashing success.

Only three months after we opened, the angels told me in meditation that we would be expanding into the space next door. We would use it as a large classroom space, they said. I laughed and said, ”Oh sure. Rhonda is next door. She’s not going anywhere!” 

Two hours later, one of the independent contractors walked in and said, “Hey, did you hear  Rhonda gave notice next door? She is moving out!” I shook my head, and said, “I don’t think I’m ready for this.” 
The angels had other ideas, of course, and at our next workshop, we had so many people, we were overcrowded in our ‘small’ classroom. Okay, we got it! One month later, we took possession of the ‘large’ classroom space.

At that time, we realized what we were becoming. The spirit of the center shared with us that we were developing into a spiritual healing retreat center. Not only do we have workshop space available for incoming groups, but we also have supportive services for out-of-town groups. We are able to offer vortex tours, sacred ceremonials, angel healings, angel readings, aura photos, yoga, massage, and more! All customized for individuals and groups.

We quickly realized that we are the only center in town offering Integrated Energy Therapy®, healing with the energy of the angels, the next level beyond Reiki®. We not only provide sessions in IET®, but we train people to give sessions. We offer three levels of training for people plus IET® for Pets. Word is now beginning to spread about the power of this therapy and its ability to get the ‘issues out of the tissues’ without having to relive trauma.

People ask us how we keep the energy of our center so high and clear.

Intention. It is our intention to provide a center for everyone’s highest good and healing. That is quite a statement. But when we work with the angels, they laugh and say, “Don’t worry. We are just keeping you busy so we can do all the work!”  and they do.

Through Integrated Energy Therapy®, the angels channel energy through us and take away anything that needs to be transmuted. That means we never take on other people’s stuff. We couldn’t if we wanted to. And we don’t. That also means other people’s stuff is not left lying around on the floor or in the walls.

Through I.E.T.®, we have utilized this advanced technique called a HeartBeam. This is a permanent beam of love and light that provides a mini-clearing to people’s resistance to their soul’s purpose. We have HeartBeams in various places in our center. These beams of love and light are strengthened by any being entering them, and in turn, keep building in vibration and frequency.

What is next for Your HeartWalk Center?

So, okay, I think I am through dragging my feet on this one. We are in the process of co-creating a non-profit organization, the purposes of which are: a) to educate the public about non-traditional forms of healing that work, and b) to provide ongoing research and educational opportunities with the non-traditional forms of healing and their effectiveness.

Oh, and Archangel Raphael? He’s in our center, guarding the small classroom. He assures me there will be at least two other centers in the world before we feel complete…..
I don’t think I am ready for this.


Phoenix and her partner Leon are Co-Directors of Your HeartWalk Center in Sedona, AZ. For more information on their services, IET® or Angels, please visit:

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