Divine Messengers of Miracles
By Allen and Linda Anderson
Angel Animals is a delightful collection of true stories written by ordinary people about the animals that have brought meaning into their lives with spiritual truths and lessons. Every story is filled with illuminating and sacred experiences collected and published by Allen and Linda Anderson.

There are updates from some of the authors previously published in other “Angel Animal” books, providing comfort and healing. I found these stories endearing in addition to increasing my respect for non-domesticated animals, as well as companion animals.

The Andersons are dedicated to providing animal lovers a safe place to share these loving tales with the creation of this book (inspired by their own animals), and their widely-read online newsletter “Angel Animals Story of the Week,” based on a vast collection of wonderful, true stories uniting animal lovers from all over the world.
These animal stories inspire us and reflect a consciousness of viewing our relationship with animals in a different light, such as teachers, healers and ambassadors of Divine love. This is the “miracle” each story conveys.

A thoughtfully-added “meditation,” written by the Andersons at the end of most of the stories, provides a sweet touch pondering the message and miracle within each story.
This book would make a wonderful gift for animal lovers of any age.

Allen and Linda Anderson are founders of Angel Animals Network (, inspirational speakers and authors of books about the benefits and complexities of human-animal relationships including “Rescued,” “Angel Dogs,” “Angel Cats” and “Angel Horses.” A portion of the proceeds from the sale of their books is donated to animal welfare organizations.

Published by New World Library, this book is available at your local bookstores and on-line booksellers.
Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis

Sacred Chanting As A Shamanic Practice
By Victor Shamas, Ph.D.
Foreword by Dr. Pablo Singh
Author, Victor Shamas finds happiness, spirituality, fulfillment and unconditional love through his own voice, by chanting as a form of shamanic art. He believes sounds can be healing depending on intention and awareness of the receiver.

Shamas has revived the almost lost ancient practice that a lineage of wise shamans called the Chanters shared with him during a two-year apprenticeship with a Master Shaman. The book tells about his adventures in the villages of Oaxaca, Mexico with the Master, Dr. Pablo Singh, who also wrote the Foreward for the book.

Shamas reveals his insightful teachings, experiences and results while witnessing profound healing and happiness through sacred chanting, including his very own. Through this book, he and Singh wish to affect positive change in the world.

He currently leads a chanting circle in Tucson, AZ and has written over 100 chants. Chanting is for those who seek enlightenment and healing and who have respect and admiration for this proven traditional method for personal transformation and positive growth.

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Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis

Divine Guidance for Personal Healing and Spiritual Discovery
By Meredith L. Young-Sowers
Angelic Messenger Cards offer spiritual seekers an effective tool for developing a meaningful relationship with the Divine through the messages of angelic teachers. Another way to “listen” to the Angels, Angelic Messenger Cards act as a “living prayer” to help resolve challenges, develop inner trust, affirm ourselves and renew the spiritual energy of love.

The Angelic Messenger Cards are accompanied by an attractively-designed guidebook that indicates how to use the cards, interpret, and to accept and learn from daily struggles.
Several card spreads are utilized together with the guidebook for teachings and to pinpoint spiritual challenges, gain new awareness of ways to meet those challenges and practical ways to apply new insights, making it relevant.

Using these cards and guidebook every day is helpful to anyone who wants greater awareness of their spiritual nature, as well as an interrelationship with the Divine and all other living beings. The Angelic Messenger Cards and guidebook offer a concrete means to “tap” into divine guidance and energy of love through its revelations and divine inspiration. I used them and indeed, the cards I chose were especially meaningful for my particular situation.

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Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis

For Blessings, Protection and Healing (Includes CD with meditation sessions)
By Rabbi David A. Cooper
We all experience synchronistic events throughout our lives. We think about a friend or relative, the phone rings… and it’s them. Or, we learn about a phenomenon or event and suddenly we seem to encounter it everywhere. At certain times, these things happen more frequently, simply because we are expecting them, and are in tune with the energies that surround us.

While there are many supernatural characters throughout history, the most popular category is that of Angels. They appear consistently in Western traditions as well as Eastern faiths.

The author, Rabbi David A. Cooper, considered one of today’s leading teachers of Jewish meditation and active student of the world’s greatest spiritual traditions, tells us that this book is not intended to be a dictionary of different angelic characters that exist in a multitude of traditions. Rather, it is designed as a guide to introduce the readers to ways of invoking and working with specific characteristics connected to well-known angels.

In the process of exploring the qualities associated with certain “main” archangels, like Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and the “supreme angels” like Metatron, Sandalphon and Shekhina, you will discover new possibilities of manifesting new capabilities within yourself. The book describes traditional perspective on angels, with an emphasis on how we can empower ourselves by invoking energies associated with them. Doing so allows us to open up new possibilities for bringing blessings, protection an healing to others, as well as ourselves.

Published by Sounds True, Inc., this book is available at your local bookstore or on the website at
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

By Gina E. Jones
The first of a trilogy, this book tells of the Archangel Michael’s endeavor to bridge the gap between global chaos and the Mayan Calendar’s forecast of a divine cosmic plan for earth, which is approaching its end in 2012.

An airline of angels is empowered with the task of helping humanity fly, literally, above the storm clouds of reality that is life. (Author Gina E. Jones was a flight attendant for 28 years with a major airline.) This metaphorical book does a wonderful job of paralleling the “in the moment” reality, with its cast of angels, as well as a Dark Side.

The heroine of this tale is the angel Nicole, representing the beauty, innocence and divinity in all of us. Unfortunately, she falls from grace, becomes human and is then caught in the battle between Light and Dark. Nicole, while representing the good part of us, also represents the weaknesses and the shortcomings of humanity.

The airline attempts to allow passengers, who are unaware that the flight attendants are angels, to challenge their emotional baggage by matching them to seatmates, from the past and from the future. While the realization and acceptance of full responsibility for our actions is liberating, as well as troubling, these encounters offer the passengers (and the readers) an opportunity to resolve their karmic balance and enhance their personal and spiritual evolution.

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Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

Practical Treasures to Transform Your Life
Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha
We have just entered an era known as the “Soul Light Era.”  During this era the soul is central. The main focus is to present and develop teachings specifically about how we interact with the Soul World, and how we explain the great shift that has taken place, as well as its significance.

Author Dr. Sha is an MD in China and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine who has trained in the most advanced cellular healing science now practiced and is involved in breakthrough research on the effect of spirituality on the human system.

Sha believes we come from an era dominated by the mind. While we should not ignore the power and benefits of the mind, it has developed so many poor strategies and tactics in order to stay in control, ignoring the beauty and service that the soul can provide. The soul makes the true choices. The mind must be willing to live by those choices.

This book provides detailed information on Soul Movement, Song, Language and Dance, including how to develop, and use and apply them to daily life. For example, with Soul Language and translation capabilities, a wealth of information, treasures and secrets of ancient teachings become widely available. Finally, by tapping into the essence of your soul, you will be able to bring all these together for advanced soul healing and utilization.

Published by Heaven’s Library, this book is available at your local bookstore, and
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

Daily Insights to Change Your Life
By Guy Finley
Letting go is an act of agreement with life. Figuring out what life is asking of us from moment-to-moment, participating instead of merely existing, requires that we elevate our relationship with the power and source of life as well as the seasons that surround our physical being. Each season — winter, spring, summer and fall — has its own special purpose and provides insight and principles to incorporate into our daily lives.

For example, winter is passive but not powerless; spring is powerful, affording us opportunities for brand new beginnings — the best time to make a real change in your life. Summer is a time of natural abundance where life flourishes and we are able to reap the knowledge and fullness that we have absorbed. In the fall we realize our endless potential.

This book is a way for you to connect with life, on a seasonal as well as daily basis. Watch your mind grow sharper and your creativity flourish as you harness the powers of each season. Each chapter begins with a discussion of the special purposes of that specific season, followed by meditative insights so you can align yourself with the power and peace of each day.

Published by White Cloud Press, this book is available at your local bookstore or at:
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard


Liberating Your Boundless Potential
By Brandon Bays
According to the author, a pioneer in the cellular healing field and workshop leader, this book is not meant to be a “quick read” but rather one that gives you a sense of the boundless presence of your inner being — a living experience of freedom. You can read it from cover to cover, or simply open to a chapter for guidance. Each chapter guides the reader through a different aspect of their eternal essence. Since every moment in time is different, these aspects take on a myriad of meanings, each time they are reviewed and contemplated.

Full of anecdotes and examples from real-life situations, effortless being through the emotions of love, gratitude, forgiveness and enlightenment are discussed. Each chapter is designed to carry you into a different aspect of your essence. After each teaching, there is a guided meditation and introspection process designed to help you even further.

The book clearly explains how to work on and transform your life on a daily basis. It is meant to be a living, breathing and teaching tool that reveals new lessons and teachings every time. Ultimately, your life will become an effortless experience, filled with grace and joy.

Published by New World Library, this book is available at your local bookstore or at
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard


How to Get What You Really, Really Want
By Dale L. Goldstein, LCSW
Illustrated by Richard Wehrman
It is probably true that we always want what we don’t have until we get it, and then we find it didn’t bring the expected joy we thought it would. Author, Dale Goldstein, maintains we are like this because we have lost touch with what we are really yearning for and have substituted other things for that which we most deeply yearn. He states that this happens because we really long for our true selves, our wholeness and connectedness with others and with the Divine.

We also don’t find happiness because it can only happen in this very moment, whereas yearning for what we think will bring us happiness is focused on the future. Goldstein wrote the book to help us find our way back to ourselves, the Divine within ourselves, to reclaim the truth and happiness we really want.

This book is beautifully illustrated specifically for the meaningful and relevant poetry that emphasizes universal truths, and makes for very easy reading. Readers will find “Heartwork” contains wisdom which may lead them to uncover what they really want, described by some of Goldstein’s patients as a “healing balm” and a “big step toward wholeness, re-uniting body and soul.“

Included is a CD with guided meditation and music, a perfect enhancement to exercises in the book.

Published by Heartwork Institute, this book is available at bookstores or
Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis

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