Attract Abundance with Your Angels and EFT
By Aileen Nobles



How can our Angels & Guides help us to manifest? Well, if you have been working with “The Law of Attraction,” but have had the experience that it doesn’t seem to always work the way you had hoped, the Angelic Realm can help.

There is a Divine Plan for us which unfolds with perfect synchronicity as we clear our emotional body and align our energy… but how do we do that?
How can our Guides & Angels help us raise our vibration and be in alignment with our desires? How do we remove the emotions perhaps held unconsciously, that affect our receiving the abundance we desire?

To consciously co-create — we must have agreement on all levels of our Being — subconscious, conscious, and superconscious.

Often our conscious and subconscious thoughts are based on traumatic events we have experienced and stored in our memory banks; and these internal scripts absolutely determine the quality of our experiences. That is because our subconscious contains thousands of memories and it doesn’t think for itself. It only faithfully carries out what was learned in the past — each and every time — there is a trigger.

A trigger could be a voice, or smell, or a visual that subconsciously reminds us of a past event which then throws us back into the old fear, or anger or pain we are still holding on to. If our energy is emitting any of these denser frequencies, we are sending into the Universe the opposite of what we want. We are out of alignment. The most powerful and effective way to achieve alignment is with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Your Angels and Guides have been with you since you were born, and patiently wait for you to make a conscious decision to work together with them.

To utilize the wise guidance of your Angels and guides, sit quietly and make a powerful statement that you are ready to know what issue is affecting your ability to manifest. This may come as a quiet knowingness consisting of energetic impressions that are felt, heard, seen or sensed, and are then translated into a comfortable form of acceptance with which you are familiar. Another way to receive may be through automatic handwriting, especially if you use your non-dominant hand, which then by-passes your conscious mind.

After deciding what issue, experience or belief you need to release, you are ready to begin. The founder of EFT, Gary Craig believes “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” He found that if you tap on certain parts of your body that are on the energy meridians, and verbalize the core issue you want to release, the negative energy becomes unblocked and the emotion or  the behavior releases.

To start your connection you might say: “I request help and healing from all of my Angels and Guides in conscious service to the Light.” The easiest way to begin releasing your issues is to start tapping on one point. It’s a point on the side of your hand called the karate point, located between the base of the little finger and your wrist. Gently start tapping on this point with three fingers as you verbalize out loud. An example is: “Even though I was emotionally abandoned as a child, I am still a terrific person.”

Then repeat the sentence as you tap the top of your head, then your collarbone, and then your thymus area in the middle of your chest. Now change your words and tap on the karate point again ”I don’t feel good enough to attract love/financial abundance, but I am wonderful anyway.” Repeat the tapping points.

Change the words again to reflect how you feel:
“Even though I don’t feel worthy, I would really like to.” “Dear Angels and Guides hear me now… I request a release and healing… thank you.”
“I am now open and in alignment with abundance and appreciation as it flows into my life.”

Although oftentimes the issues that you are working on may shift within a short period of time, if you find your core issue, I would suggest that you do this tapping each day for a while.
As your Soul’s journey leads you towards Enlightenment, your Angels are with you to facilitate that journey.

EFT also allows you to become a clearer channel, release fears, past traumas, anxiety or pain.

Clearing your issues allows you to have alignment and congruity,
placing your vibration in harmony with your desires. Your Angels and Guides are ready and waiting to assist you in manifesting your dreams. Are you ready?

Aileen Nobles is an intuitive EFT practitioner and writer. She hosts her own television show Light Transformation and is the author of “Divine Abundance” and “The Power to Heal Now.”  Aileen has appeared on Leeza, The Other Side, and the Learning Channel. Visit: to see Aileen demonstrate EFT, or call (310) 317-2060. Also please visit:

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