A Message from Archangel Michael...
Igniting the Sacred and Eternal Flame of Your Heart
Received by Susan Hart



Blessings Light Workers,
I, Archangel Michael, in great love for all humanity, share this message of truth with you. This communication is designed to illuminate the codes of Light that reside at the depth and breadth of your Being.
It was with great excitement that I was present at the birth of Mother Earth. This was a joyous celebration indeed, creating a frequency of Love, Joy and excitement, which reverberated throughout the heavens… and was felt by each and every angel, nature spirit, planet, and star system across the Galaxy.

I had the blessing to witness the sacred creation of you… the divine, human being. I watched as you were shaped through the essence of Father and the elements of Mother. Wind, Water, Air, Earth and Ether are encoded within the fabric of Who You Are. Along with all the angels of heaven, I celebrated the birth of the body, a temple that would house your soul’s journey into matter.

Since the beginning, I have been here to witness and guide you. I cheered as your soul surged with excitement towards new forms and expressions of creativity. In your darkest and most challenging hours, I have been here with you… beside you every step of the way. I have been lovingly supporting you, keeping your Heart’s eternal flame lit, as you experienced seeming separation from Source. When you felt abandoned and alone, I was Present, awaiting your awakening… for the moment you would be open to receive a simple glimpse of the Light... your recognition of the way back home.

When you first began your journey into the gravity of earth, you carried within your Heart a deep knowing of your divine and sacred connection to God. Your physical body houses Light Codes of Divine DNA contained in every cell of your Being. These codes connect you to the luminous, energetic web of all Creation. Yes… you are eternally connected to Source… there is no and never has been any, separation.
With great Love for you, I am now calling on you to awaken from your slumber. Yes… you have been in deep sleep, lost in the dream of this world. Wake up my friend. Remember Who You Are… Breathe into your heart, come deep inside and connect with the eternal flame of Love, Peace, and Passion that resides at your core. Can you feel your eternal flame? Can you see this spark of God that emanates from your Heart?

Come deeper and feel more. Be… Be… become. Listen to the Song of Creation, to the song of God/Goddess that is emanating… always… in every cell of your Being… and throughout the many dimensions of this magnificent cosmos. With each breath, your thoughts and feelings are beaming frequencies that pulsate throughout the universe. With each new thought and feeling, you are creating a new reality… with new possibilities. What do you dream?  What is your desire?  What reality do you call forth? 

You are living in miraculous times. With great enthusiasm, your soul chose to be born here and now. As you pondered upon your birth, you knew that living on this Earth-plane now would provide you the opportunity to be part of a miraculous leap in divine-human consciousness. You were also aware that during this accelerated time of ascension, you would be able to enLighten any feeling of loss or separation from God, and enLiven the truth of Who You Are as Love, co-creating as One with the Divine.

In spite of any seeming darkness, your soul knows the way back Home. Your Home awaits you right here and now... this very moment… in the center of your Heart. Breathe into your Heart and intend to awaken the dormant DNA of Light housed within your physical being. Allow the spark of God that resides within you to breathe… to Be… to become and to Create. Be still and know: you are a very special sacred part of Creation Itself. You are never separated, isolated or alone. You and I exist as One, wholly connected through the web of Light that makes up the entire universe. When you awaken to this magnificence, your world will change forever. 

You are a gift of God. You are eternal. You are loved. Every cell in your Being is a universal spark of Light. There is nothing you have ever done or been that is separate from the divine plan, for you are the divine plan. You are One with God and everything. Allow yourself a moment to center and Breathe this message into your Being. Intend to ignite all that you ever dreamed possible in your highest of visions and know, the universe is supporting you… Divine Intelligence is guiding you… every step of the way.

I am here with you now, to over-Light the evolution of your soul, to guide you, protect you and awaken you to the limitlessness of Love, Creation, Peace and Divine Beauty. Call on me, Archangel Michael, from the simplicity of your Heart and you will undoubtedly Know my Presence here with you… each step… in your journey of awakening. Live in the Light of Who You Are. Be an example of divine self-mastery and allow your thoughts to rest in Divine Love. Hold a vision… share your vision… of this world living in Peace and Harmony, lit by the eternal flame of your Heart.

You are blessed with Love,
Archangel Michael

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