A Journey Into Consciousness
The Ultimate Healing
Excerpted from an article by Jody Woodruff for the Sentient Times



“As I entered the lecture hall, I felt a red hot sensation in my whole body and experienced the physical presence of something I had been longing for all my life. Something I could not put into words. It came from the presence in the room, not just the person giving the lecture.” Anette watched with interest as he placed his hands on the top of people’s heads.

When she felt his touch directly, an energy, which she describes as a golden light, entered her head and moved into her body. “A very powerful voice told me something I had never heard before: Don’t be afraid to face your suffering. This had great meaning to me since I had spent years attempting to release my own and others’ pain and suffering.” Living and growing up in Sweden, where the population is made of atheists, this  experience was profoundly different and yet familiar. This proved to be the beginning of a dramatic change in Anette’s personal life and healing work.   

She learned that the speaker had been to India where he had received the gift of healing from a man named Bhagavan, who along with his wife, Amma, had founded a school (subsequently called the Oneness University) for helping people reach deeper states of consciousness. Later the transfer of this energy would become known as deeksha (“initiation” in Sanskrit) and more recently, the Oneness Blessing.
“Personally, I began facing my inner suffering ­–– spending time with it instead of trying to explain it away or analyze it — just being with it and feeling a very strong relationship to my inner Divine Self. Previously when I meditated, I would go to this place and peace would come, but in my daily living, where was it? Now that changed. I had a presence that stayed with me always, in all activities. I came to realize that what I called the inner self and higher self were the same thing.”

Anette saw an aspect of herself that she had been dealing with her entire life, causing her much frustration, but now that has changed.  She experienced accepting others the way they were without trying to improve everyone. She now realized that she had been inadvertently sending the message, “Change a little bit and I can love you more.” Always curious about Bhagavan and Amma, a year and a half later Anette had the opportunity to travel to their University to take preparation courses. Over 150,000 people were there.

Anette remembers her experience: “I felt a golden ball of liquid light move into my head, expanding as it filled my head and moved into my throat. It kept expanding as it moved on into my chest and then into my stomach. I became aware of a black hole that I had been carrying all my life — a hole I had been trying to fill with food, love, different experiences. The black hole filled with the golden liquid, nectar as sweet as honey.”

“After that, the blessing maintained a presence in my heart at all times. There was no sense of separation from anyone and I felt the presence of peace no matter what went on around me. I wanted to share this blessing with others, but had difficulty putting words to my experience. Plus, my lingering shyness inhibited me from speaking to more than one or two people at a time.”

Now, to her surprise, people began asking to hear about her experience.  Her shyness faded as she stood in front of 100 people, it became just another experience — the memory of the anxiety was still present, but there was no charge, no reaction in her body. She began traveling, sharing deeksha, which she called a healing.

Returning to India, she asked Bhagavan if she should now add teachings along with deeksha. He answered, “No. It is better to give people the experience of their own inner divinity before any teaching. Let them have their own experience first. You can sing or dance or tell stories, but don’t get concepts into people’s minds.” Anette continued traveling, transmitting through singing — much to her surprise because she had been told that she couldn’t sing!

Anette has observed how the Oneness Blessing works uniquely in each individual, bringing an experience appropriate and natural for what is right for each person at that time. Each transmission may differ, some bringing an experience of joy or bliss, some bringing up past disturbances to be viewed and cleared away. Very common responses are lasting feelings of peace and comfort and less chattering of the mind.

Her practical explanation of the phenomenon is that we have both our human consciousness
and our God consciousness within us, and between these two there is a wall called the “mind” that filters our experiences. Receiving the Oneness Blessing is a way to puncture a hole in that wall, allowing God consciousness to begin pouring into the human consciousness. When this begins to happen, everything in our lives begins to heal.

Anette explains, “We are constantly making judgments about what is good or bad, and we all have shadow sides we don’t like. When the light comes in and embraces it all, sometimes we panic at first when we recognize what we have been carrying around, but that is part of the process. When we give ourselves permission to become comfortable hanging out with all aspects of ourselves and others, we transform without trying. Seeing and accepting are the codes for healing. In addition, our senses become enhanced when we are free to experience life the way we are designed to be.”

Anette, now known as a powerful transmitter of the Oneness Blessing and in Europe referred to as “Sweden’s answer to the Dalai Lama,” continues traveling, giving workshops and transmitting the energy through teleconference calls all over the world. She has also written a book, “From The Heart,” which is now available in bookstores.

When asked “Why do you feel you are so sought after,” she replied, “A person living in harmony seems to affect people in a very positive way.”

Anette will be appearing in Los Angeles on November 17 at the Pacific Palisades Women’s Center: goldenra84@hotmail.com , in San Diego on November 18 at the One Heart One Mind Center for Religious Center: gailwing@san.rr.com , and in Los Angeles on November 19 at the Learning Annex. 

For more information about Anette’s Tour, conference calls, books and CDs please visit www.invokethepresence.com

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