2008... and the Truth Shall Set Us Free!
By Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa



Are we really ready to embrace 2008? More than ever before, collectively we ponder the question of how quickly this past year has unfolded and find ourselves often wondering what happened to the time. Many are acknowledging that the world is rapidly entering into a new paradigm, and that the current state of affairs needs to change. Computers are faster, technology is seemingly limitless and in the surge of world change, we find ourselves asking “What is it we really know?” What fundamental truths are still evident within our consciousness that offer us the gift of navigating the mounting chaos without fear — and do these truths really exist?

We are indeed living in the age of great communication. It is abundantly available on all levels and from all sources. When we open ourselves to receive information, and especially as we ponder yet another year before us, ripe with possibility and filled with challenges, how do we sustain our peace and balance? In the midst of chaos is there an attainable and fundamental bliss?

There is an inner wisdom available to us all and this universal Source offers us ‘The Four Knowns’. These are four fundamental and universal truths that have for the ages sustained spiritual seekers and religious devotees. Understanding and reconnecting with these four simple yet profound truths, brings forth for us all a centered recognition allowing us to move forward with clarity and abundance.

In this moment, take a breath and imagine what would your life be like if you no longer embraced any self-doubt. Perhaps that is a New Year’s resolution that could quite possibly be the catalytic shift in your life. By allowing yourself to simply reconnect with ‘The Four Knowns,’ this stunning clarity is yours and available in this very moment for you to claim.

While connecting with the content of the ‘The Four Knowns’ is simple, they do come with a caveat, however, a fail-safe if you will. To be fully understood and embraced, these powerful truths will burst forth for anyone who is conscious of their heart-centered existence. To anchor a truly heart-centered life is to recognize each precious being is having the experience that fully supports their soul evolution — even when we may not understand or appreciate it. We have found that by simply adopting the habit of consciously bringing your hand to your heart often, you will empower a shift in perspective simply and quickly.

So, what are The Four Knowns and how can you best reconnect with them? We have listed them below and suggest as you review them, bring your hand to your heart, read each one independently, then close your eyes. Let yourself FEEL the energy of each ancient universal truth before continuing on to the next one.

     I AM not my body.
     The mind is my servant.
     I AM the Divine at all times and in all actions.
     All is in Divine order.

When we can anchor ourselves in a universal truth, we will find a new stability and peace in a changing outer world. Now that you have gifted yourself with a moment of presence with each of ‘The Four Knowns,’ we suggest you offer to yourself the simple gift of bringing your hand to your heart and repeating just one ‘known’ for a full week. Try doing this many times during the day, every day for seven days. Can you break through all doubt of this truth as you do this?

Are you able to be present with just one truth in its fullness for a full week to completely flush out any hidden resistance to your greatest beingness? Are you worth just four weeks of simple practice, (one known per week), to fully illuminate yourself and prepare to step into a New Year with extraordinary clarity and heightened sense of purpose? Are you ready to embrace a life without any doubt?
To break through doubt is not easy for most of us have cultivated a dependency on outside authority. However it is simple if we let it be. The simpleness comes from recognizing that we need only discipline ourselves to consistently rehabituate our daily patterns so we become accustomed to living in our deepest truth. This begins with complete self-honesty which unravels doubt.

 The old adage, “The truth shall set you free,” fully aligns to support your journey when you apply it to all aspects of yourself. This gift, in conjunction with the freedom that unfolds from the recognition that YOU ARE ‘The Four Knowns,’ is a dynamic combination that opens limitless possibilities and life choice.

As we stand ready to move forward into another year on our beloved planet, it is now the time to fully remember that we are all teachers for each other, and we are in every sense the ‘ones we have been waiting for’. When we keep our eyes on the Divine at all times, everything in our life and our beloved world becomes simple. Navigating the coming years may be best described as a tumultuous time of buoyant joy when we are holding the recognition of ‘The Four Knowns’ through all circumstances.

May your heart unfold evermore this coming year, and may your life be filled with abundance and joy as you keep your eyes on the Divine. May each of us be ever present with Divine humility for the great gifts we are being offered at this very moment, on this wondrous planet — right now.

Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa are best-selling authors, radio personalities and regular columnists for several magazines. Known as the Mystical Couple of our Time, they are considered authorities on 2012, Archangelic communication, and Atlantis. Learn more at www.SelfAscension.com

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