Zenspiration Gardens...
Where Spirituality Awaits
By Camillia Perez



A fresh new approach to floral gift-giving has been recently introduced to the body, mind and spirit marketplace. It is the brainchild of floral artist, Merry Street, whose company, Zenspiration Gardens™, creates fresh-floral gardens designed to inspire, heal, empower and bless its recipients.

The concept behind Zenspiration Gardens™ is as personal as each garden she creates. It began two years ago as she drifted in and out of the hospital with an undiagnosed, abcessed appendix. A “promise” was made to do whatever God asked of her should she come out of her health crisis. After two back-to-back surgeries, the loss of her mother, brother-in-law and her beloved dog all in a three-month period, she finally accepted the calling to move forward, taking her spiritual gardens public in the Spring of 2006.

Street’s handcrafted line is extensive as well as personalized. She pulls from a myriad of keepsake boxes, fresh flowers and succulents, candles, jewelry, pocket stones, and iconic statues to create one-of-a kind gardens for her clients. As she explains it, “I create strictly from intuition.

“I don’t mass produce, have a design recipe or count flowers. I ask for spiritual guidance before I create each garden and then “allow” myself to become a conduit of love for the highest good of those involved. I bless all items associated with each garden and then infuse the gift giver’s personalized thoughts while creating it. I never deviate from this practice.”

Street believes that when combined, the infusion of blessing and intention change the vibration of the flowers, thereby empowering and enabling them to become spiritual messengers. She also believes that the garden’s subtle “Universal Energy” can be used to enhance one’s spiritual journey. “Some of the end results have been so profound, I am at a loss for words. I am humbled and extremely grateful to be a part of this gift from the Divine.”

While her approach to making the gardens is highly spiritual, it is also scientific. The idea of blessing and infusing intention into the gardens evolved from two theories. A chance meeting with Cleve Backster, author of “Primary Perception” and the introduction to a book, “Hidden Messages in the Water” by Dr. Masura Emoto became the paradigm for creating her gardens.

Although clients do not need a specific reason to send a garden, Street offers unique, thematic suggestions to help with customizing an order. Her goal is not only to create an aesthetically uplifting arrangement but to transfer positive energy in the most personal form to those suffering from illness, pursuing romance, celebrating life passages or seeking solace through meditation. The most requested garden is the “Hope & Healing” Garden. Many clients order them for themselves, or for loved ones who are undergoing life-changing events.

While most of the gardens are designed using Feng Shui concepts, there are some exceptions. The “Chakra Garden” mirrors the same color system associated with the seven basic chakra points and applies them to flowers. Street has recently added a series of “Angel” Gardens and is in the process of creating new gardens for her Spring collection.

Zenspiration Gardens range in price from $78.99 to $189.99 depending upon the type of keepsake box you choose. Each one is accompanied with a booklet describing the theories and wisdom used to create the garden. 

Seasonal and holiday gift gardens are now available nationally, and can be ordered by calling (619) 972-1076 or by visiting www.Zen-opolis.com 

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