The Season of Change Is Coming!
Where Do You Fit In?
By Herb Rubinstein, The LA Theatre Guy



Join the Evolution! Season of Change is a new musical that weaves song, spoken word and visuals into a vision of global awareness and positive change.

The show is created and performed by versatile songwriter/performer Ed Munter and supported by the incredible keyboard wizardry of Rashid Lanie. It has just completed a successful theatrical run at the Whitefire Theater in Sherman Oaks and is now on tour throughout the Southland at various spiritual centers.   

On the surface, this is a musical exploration of contemporary global issues concerning us all, and possible pathways for peace. Or is there something more going on here? Could it be that we are standing at a crossroads, experiencing a critical moment in the evolution of mankind? The Season of Change calls us to step up and join the rising of a global movement of positive change for the planet.

Season of Change transcends politics and religion to focus on a greater idea. It does not protest anything nor does it advocate any particular cause. Season of Change is calling our attention to what appears to be a period of transformation moving in like a powerful force of nature. We are called to participate in a time of healing, a time of change.

The announcements for this unique hybrid of music, theater and activism appear to be more like positive propaganda for spiritual renewal, social reform and a collective world peace movement.  Often when art becomes this topical, the lines between entertainment, empowerment and activism become blurred.

Season of Change brings our attention to a quickening, a sense of urgency and a desire to Join the Evolution! Become part of the change! This is a new musical for a new direction growing among us all. Our global issues include global warming, pollution and power struggles for natural resources. Domestic issues include homelessness, poverty and violence as a reaction to our sense of powerlessness. Never before in our history has the need for positive change been so present.  

Our collective fear and separation has created a fearful and fragmented world. We will not be able to fight our way out, dominate our way out, or think our way out of this world we have created. Most of us feel a deep yearning to do something, if only we could figure out what. Out of this collective desire, a radical new way of being in the world is emerging. As Season of Change reflects this shift in the collective soul of our country, we are each being called to participate in the change.

Season of Change gives us a glimpse of our future and places the hope in our hands. The healing of the world will come as we begin to create a peaceful planet for one and all. It offers entertainment, enlightenment and empowerment but the transformation of the planet is up to us.

We are the seeds of change. We are inspired to be the change we want to see. Season of Change invites each of us into an opening of the heart that frees the mind and changes the world.
The next scheduled Season of Change global awareness event will be at the Claremont Center for Spiritual Living on November 11 at 7:00 p.m. The Center is located at 509 South College Ave., Claremont, CA 91711. For tickets, call: (909) 624-3549. Other dates will be announced. For information on becoming an instrument of positive change, visit the website:

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