The Holidays Are Coming!
By Sunny Dawn Johnston



It is getting cooler outside, and we begin the time of year where we share gifts with those we love. The spirit world also likes to join in on the celebration by giving us gifts. They bring us so many gifts throughout the year that oftentimes we mistake them as coincidence or we simply ignore them. For example, have you ever wondered if there is any spiritual symbolic significance to always finding ‘dimes’ or “pennies” everywhere?

Finding change around... any kind of change, pennies, dimes, whatever... is a sign from the spirit world. It is their way of letting us know they are around. Just a simple “Hello” or “I am with you”. Once you come to realize this, you will feel and know their presence more often in your daily lives.

Many people have shared with me their stories about finding particular coins over and over again, after the transition of a loved one or during a very challenging time in their lives. After recognizing the gift they had received, they felt blessed to know their loved ones were around. Some people have even found piles of change in strange places. Again, a beautiful reminder, a “present” from the spirit world!

There is also another message I believe to be very important. Finding change is also the Universe’s way of reminding us to trust. On all currency, it says “In God we trust”. How are you doing with trust? At the moment you spot the coins (gifts from heaven), think about where your thoughts are. Are you trusting the Universe, or are you creating fear and worry with your thoughts?

I believe each time I find a coin; it is spirit’s way of saying, “Hello! Just checking in to see where you are today. Remember to create out of love! Remember to be Present!” I usually smile or giggle to myself, pick up the coin, and thank the Universe for the reminder to be “present”! Happy Holidays, and enjoy the beautiful messages the Universe brings to you daily!

Sunny Dawn Johnston is a Certified Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Ordained Minister, Hypnotherapist and Certified Medium. (602) 375-6788, email , and visit or

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