The Greatest Mentor: Your Higher Self
By Lisa Cherney



I was a speaker on a panel at an entrepreneur’s conference recently, and the attendees were invited to ask questions. Someone asked who our greatest mentors were. Who had the biggest impact on our success? Names started scrolling through my mind as I was waiting for my turn to respond. Then the scrolling stopped and I came to an answer that surprised me. I realized my greatest mentor has been my spiritual connection. This includes the connection to my higher self and my relationship to Spirit (a higher power, God, The Universe, etc.). I was hesitant to share this at first because my ego wanted to name a famous person that everyone would recognize, but that was not my truth. I knew deep in my being that there were many people who supported my business growth, but none as profound as the strength, clarity and insight I received from developing my spiritual confidence.

Special Glasses
One way I have built spiritual confidence in my business has been by paying attention. There are things that when we really take a look at them don’t feel good. I know this because that is what I do each day. I look to see what feels good and what doesn’t. It’s kind of a game of sorts. It’s like having special glasses, and the things that light up feel good and the ones that don’t are bad or uncomfortable. What is discomfort anyway?  It is a signal to us. It is a sign that something is not right. I take it as a signal to stop and look within, to stop and assess the situation. We don’t have to decide in the moment. We can stop and take notice of the feelings our special glasses reveal.

I keep the glasses on all the time now, so I don’t ignore those things that feel uncomfortable (a.k.a. denial). Sometimes it’s a challenge to go on with my day, having those things constantly in my face, but I have found that it leads to speaking my truth quicker and changing my course for the better.

Check Your Business Pulse
When do you take the time to stop? When do you stop and breathe and check into your body? Sometimes when we exercise we will stop and check our pulse. How ‘bout if we stopped to check our pulse when we are working?  Would that yield a heart rate calculation that would determine if we are doing the right thing in that moment? Would it determine how productive we are? What a concept, checking our business pulse!  This would help us to gauge our work, connect to our higher self, and be aware of how things feel. It’s so easy to go through our days on autopilot. For example, have you ever had a New Year’s resolution you are committed to, then December comes, you are still in the same place, and you wonder where the time went?

We know how to look at external resources (experts, consultants, books, etc.) to see if we are doing the right thing, but how often do we stop and look inward? I take seminars. I am a speaker at conferences and lead workshops. I am a big believer in education and I know how confused it sometimes makes me. I get all this input and then I go home and have to put it into practice. It always comes down to me and my spiritual confidence to take action.

How To Stop
What does this mean for our everyday life? This means we must stop for spiritual business breaks.

Here are a few suggestions:
1.    Stop to breathe before making the phone call.
2.    Meditate on that opportunity before saying, “yes”.
3.    Check-in to your body before setting your prices.
4.    Light a candle before rushing to your deadline.
5.    Listen to music while writing that proposal.
6.    Write a letter to vent before dealing with challenging client.

Other tools include taking a walk, getting a massage, reading/writing poetry, journaling, napping, laughing, crying, and playing with children. These tools create a buffer. They slow down time to ensure we are on the correct course. It is these things that help me maintain my “connection” and see what the special glasses are revealing, giving me clarity.

Your higher self is a masterful marketing strategist, a brilliant financial advisor and confident sales person. However, if you don’t take time to STOP, you may never meet her. Use those glasses, check your business pulse and take time to stop for course corrections. This is the surefire formula for connecting with the most profound mentor you’ll ever meet… your higher self!

Lisa Cherney is a Business Intuitive, Marketing Consultant and President & Founder of Conscious Marketing™.  If you are serious about building your business confidence, visit or call (888) 771-0156.

© 2006 Lisa Cherney

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