The Daily Presence of Angels 
By Therèse Tappouni and Lance Ware



This morning, at our altar, we honor the birthday of my son, who died at the age of eleven. We call upon our angels, opening to receive their guidance and the energy of Michael. We have felt him in the past; we feel him again.

It’s not that angels appear unexpectedly as we go about our daily life, huge wings beating the air; we invoke their protection, their healing and their guidance purposefully and intentionally. In the morning, as Lance and I sit before our shared altar, we light a candle, purify our space with sage, and invite our guides and angels.

A spiritual life that is intentional will include an altar; we have three. Because we know an altar is a place of personal devotion, each of us has our own. Our work as a couple is holy and important, so we also share an altar. We go there for several purposes: in the morning to begin our day in a focused, spiritual fashion; when we make major decisions; before we have a client or workshop; and to pray for those who are in need.

At a meeting, Lance’s table included a woman who had just lost a grandchild, one whose daughter had been injured, and another who was collapsing under the burden of caretaking an older person. All of these intentions were included at our altar prayers the next morning, as was the dying mother of my sister’s husband.

 When we call upon the angels, and our guides, for help and comfort, we feel a palpable sense of their presence and their response. It is usually energetic or auditory, occasionally visual, and often specific.
As we began to put all issues of work, home and health into the hands of the angels and guides, our intentional life became more focused. A support system of such strength, combined with faith and work, prevails.

My latest book, The Promise, includes a series of dialogues that I received over the past two years. One of the speakers, arriving during a particularly difficult time for me, introduced himself as the Archangel Jeremial. I wrote it as I heard it.
Dialogue XVI
My daughter, are you listening? It feels as though there have been dark veils between us. Are you ready to resume your real work?

I am ready, and so sorry for my absence…illness, creating a new website, moving…

There are no right or wrong times for me to come to you. Those other things are illusions — you can change them at anytime. You are the power in your own life, the choice-maker.

Why would I choose illness and pain?

Perhaps because it frees you to rest from all your self-imposed busyness. Let it be easy.

I feel the urge to argue, to explain myself.

So be it. But you could use that energy in more productive ways. The world needs you now — unencumbered by doubt, bitterness, false busyness and unnecessary business. You have done the work. You are ready.

Who speaks to me?

We are your council. We are made up of many. You feel us from time to time, especially when you are teaching, but you have not opened fully to our guidance.

How do I do that?

Take time daily. Sit and listen. When you are in an empty but aware space, you will feel us. We have been with you from the beginning.

I look for you, but I am tired and fearful of not being supported.

We are your support. Accept that and fear will lift like fog from water.

I am filled with relief — a lightness of being even in my illness.

Your power is the power of God within. You never have to fear or want… simply be and follow your soul’s direction. We are your soul “family” as you would call us. Our work is together. No one is alone, unless he chooses to be. Then, his perception will say “I am alone.” This is not true, but the person’s choice of truth. We will not force our presence on anyone. We must be asked, as you have asked. Now it is time to return to your work. Write The Promise and then the rest will be clear.

I am grateful. My heart is full with gratitude for your presence. I will not fear. I am open. I am listening.

We are grateful. Without your voice we are not heard. Tell us to the world. I am known as the Archangel Jeremial. Others will reveal themselves in time. Today, I have chosen to come.

Is there anything else?

Love the one you call Lance. He is of us.

He struggles so — illness is with him constantly.

It is not easy to be an earthbound messenger. Being back in the body is hard. He will do what he was sent for. He will heal many. When you are both well, begin anew with a bigger vision. Anything is possible. Disengage from drama; engage with power.

Why do you call me to write about women, the struggles of women, the injustices and dishonoring of women?

We do this for good reason. You write and teach about the Sacred Feminine. The first step for women is to clear the old, thus the anger and sadness, in order to leave space. This space, this whole cosmos of space, will be filled with honor, love, compassion and empathy toward all females from the beginning of time. Then all males will also be free to exist in a loving space. It will be a choice for each one, and you are to make a clear picture, outline a process by which this can happen.

Will you help me? It feels like a huge task. I am humbled before it, and somehow fearful.

We are here to help. That is what we do. Your fear is not founded in reality. You have been chosen.

Chosen. That is how angels work. Watch and listen; they appear when you are ready.

Therèse and Lance are the cofounders of ISIS, the Institute for Sacred Integrative Somatherapies, teaching emotional renewal through various mind/body/spirit modalities. They are also authors, therapists and workshop directors who train other professionals, lead support groups and counsel women, men and couples both individually and together. Please call (760) 828-7244 or e-mail:    Check out their books, CDs and services at

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