Recharge and Rejuvenate with
Ancient Tibetan Power Breathing
By Master Stephen Co



Dr. Eric Robins said “Before I learned the Mentalphysics Tibetan Power Breaths, I was constantly fatigued. As I look back on my life now, I realize my energy level was always below average. As a teen and in my twenties, I tired easily, and my sex drive was not what it should have been for a young man at that age. As I took on the pressures of being a husband, a father, a physician, and a surgeon, I found my energy level even more difficult to maintain. After I learned the Mentalphysics Power Breaths and began to practice them regularly, though, my energy level exploded. They changed my life. I cannot recommend these energy-generating exercises highly enough.”

The Mentalphysics routine is a set of breathing exercises originally developed by Edwin J. Dingle, an esoteric scholar and cartographer who lived and studied in China and Tibet in the early part of this century. While on an expedition in the mountains of Tibet, he was robbed and then attacked by wild animals and left for dead in the wilderness. A Tibetan Lama saved his life with herbs and energy healing. The Lama also gave him a secret set of exercises to nurse him back to health, which Dingle introduced to his students as the Mentalphysics exercises.

Mentalphysics Power Breaths are a part of that larger body of ancient esoteric root teachings that spiritual masters and teachers throughout history, such as Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, modern founder of PRANIC HEALING®, have passed on to their students. They are a powerful addition to your health routine because they drive prana from the lower chakras to the upper chakras, so that this energy is then more easily distributed throughout the body to help regenerate it.

These Tibetan Yogic Exercises have the added benefits of drawing down tremendous amounts of spiritual energy and physicalizing it into the body, as well opening the body’s two main prana pumping stations: the neck and lower back.

When I first taught PRANIC HEALING® in Chicago a few years ago, I was informed there would be a 92-year-old woman attending the class. I was concerned that she might not be strong enough to do all the practices for two full days. Two local workshop organizers laughed and said, “She can walk around the block faster than most 30-year-olds!” Then they told me the woman’s story. Laura Appelgren was diagnosed with breast cancer five decades ago. Her doctors in Wisconsin, where she lived at the time, wanted to perform a mastectomy immediately. She declined.

Shortly thereafter, she read an ad in a magazine that said, “Knowledge is power. Come and learn to breathe in the desert.” It was an ad for the Institute of Mentalphysics. Against her husband’s wishes, she took a train and ‘learned to breathe’ in the desert for a week with Edwin J. Dingle. After practicing the exercises for a while, her cancer was completely gone. She continued the exercises for the next 50 years. I had Laura lead the class in the Mentalphysics Power Breaths. Most of the class, which was much younger, couldn’t keep up with her pace.

“At the time of her passing — in her sleep, peacefully — Laura still had all her teeth, and didn’t need glasses to see or hearing aids to hear.”

This is an excerpt from the book “YOUR HANDS CAN HEAL YOU” written by Master Stephen Co and Dr. Eric Robins and published by Simon and Schuster Inc. To order an easy-to-follow Mentalphysics Breaths Poster, or to learn more on how to heal yourself with Pranic Healing® and receive a Free Self Healing meditation Video CD, please call the American Institute of Asian Studies, LLC at (888) 4-PRANIC, or visit

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