Are Animals Really Angels?
By Allen and Linda Anderson



In “Pets Tell the Truth: A Mystical Journey into the Animal Mind”, scientist, educator, and animal telepathic communicator Dr. Agnes Julia Thomas, Ph.D. reveals that angels sometimes incarnate as animals (Garnett Publishing, 2005). She says taking animal form is an angel’s way of helping a particular person through an extraordinarily difficult time. These angel incarnations, Dr. Thomas explains, usually are short, sometimes a matter of only a few years.

Based on her ability to discern the thoughts of animals, she has learned that when angels leave animal bodies to enter the afterlife, they do not have to go into a deep sleep to regenerate life energy. She writes in her book, “New life energy is always flowing through them from the universe, so they can be ready in an instant to help wherever they are needed.”

Being interviewed by Dr. Thomas on her weekly radio program, Pets Tell the Truth, and reading her book caused us to think about our practice of referring to animals as angels. Our program of books, website, newsletter, and speaking is wrapped in a package we call the Angel Animals Network. We use the term angel to describe animals because the Greek derivation for the word means messenger.

Through the people who tell us their stories and our own experiences, we have concluded that animals arrive like punctual delivery vehicles at exactly the right time and place to offer their messages of unconditional love, comfort, and hope. They are like post-it notes from the Divine, reminding people that no matter how bleak life may seem, no one is ever abandoned or forgotten.

Whether the soul that has entered an animal’s body was previously a tried-and-true angel from the heavens, or one soul that made a sacred contract with another soul to reincarnate and fulfill a promise, the Angel Animal completes a mission. As gently as a falling autumn leaf, the soul then leaves the body after a season of service has ended. If a bond of love draws these two souls back together in another lifetime or this one, they will continue what they started. The relationship may take an opposite twist with each soul experiencing the effects of previous actions. And so the wheel of life continues to turn.

Is That You?

How do you know a soul has returned as an animal to be with you again?

People have told us many ways that convinced them an old soul had found a way to be part of their lives. Sometimes the animal appears in a dream and shows what he or she will look like this time, and even where to find him or her. One woman related the story of a dog who had died shortly after a car accident.

On the way home from the veterinarian, as the woman cried out in anguish, she distinctly heard a voice telling her what breed of dog her deceased companion would be next time, what name he would be called, and an assurance that the two souls would recognize each other. Within a couple of years, all happened exactly as the departing soul had predicted.

Often a returning soul will find the previous animal’s hidden toys, sleep in a favorite place or position, or present himself to the person just as he or she is thinking of the good old times. In that instant a spark of recognition passes through the person’s brain like an electrical shock. The person and animal gaze into each other’s eyes, and the grateful human realizes that an old friend has come back after a mysterious journey.

On rare occasions two souls will swap places in an animal’s body. The previous soul comes into an animal’s body and holds the position open, as it were, for another soul needing to be in that body as an incarnation with a particular person. Adios, amigo, the one soul says and departs for its next spiritual assignment while the newly-reincarnated soul slips into the body as if it is putting on a new overcoat.

Who Shall I Be This Time?

When the soul that was our cat Mugsy came back for a short lifetime as our next cat, Feisty, the tiny kitten immediately scampered to Mugsy’s favorite chair and window. For a couple of weeks, he showed all the characteristics of our old curmudgeon, Mugsy. But then something wonderful occurred as Feisty’s personality began to emerge. We watched him learn new things and relate to our dog Prana and us in ways decidedly different from how Mugsy had viewed his family.

It was as if this soul had to ease into our family using Mugsy’s personality and memories for a while to find out if all was as he had left it. But after a short time, the soul realized it was wearing a much brighter and shinier coat. This young kitten’s body fit better than the tired, worn out body Mugsy had discarded. Soon we observed the soul begin to absorb itself into its incarnation and burgeoning personality as Feisty. Possibilities opened for him to experience life in vasty different ways than it had known through Mugsy’s view of the world.

When people wonder if the soul of an animal they befriended as a child has returned to them as an adult, we suggest they place photos of the two animals side by side. Look into the eyes of the two animals for a recognition of the same light shining from them. This exercise can be startling revelation as it explains the person’s deep and instant affinity for a “new” animal.

What Did You Do While You Were Gone?

Many people have written to tell us of animals who seemed to guide the next animal into their lives. This happened to us when our dog Prana in a dream presented our next puppy Taylor to Allen by carrying the little one out of a vast ocean and dropping her at his feet. When we met Taylor the next day after Allen’s dream, he immediately recognized this soul that Prana had found to be the perfect one to join our family.

The experiences we and others have had of animals in dreams introducing the next soul to a family leads to the conclusion that the spirit goes to an inner world between lives and awaits its next assignment. What does a soul that was an animal, do while it is away?

Monica Ramsten from Helsingborg, Sweden, sent us a description of a series of inner experiences in which she witnessed journeys of animals in the afterlife. We included her story in our book, “God’s Messengers: What Animals Teach Us about the Divine” (New World Library, 2003). Monica had silently asked a spiritual master, Prajapati, (written about in the teachings of Eckankar) who gives loving service to the animal kingdom. Prajapati showed Monica what had happened to her cat Knarren after death.

Monica wrote, “I saw a school where each animal attended classes at his or her own level of consciousness. There were twelve levels of classes. . .  I learned that the animals move gradually through these levels as they pick up other animal bodies and return again and again to earth. Within each class they attend, the animals go deeper into the subjects they are studying. They spend many lifetimes in the animal kingdom before they are given the chance to move to the ninth level.”

What do animals learn in the heavenly classes and bring back to earth when they rejoin us for another lifetime? What have they come here to teach humans? Who among us will be wise enough to listen to the Angel Animals?

Allen and Linda Anderson are founders of the Angel Animals Network and authors of New World Library’s new books, “RESCUED: Saving Animals from Disaster” and “Angel Horses: Divine Messengers of Hope” (the latest in their Angel Animals series). Subscribe to the Angel Animals Story of the Week at Visit their new website

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