One Sane Moment
By Robin D. Duncan, CI,  Exec. Director,
The Miracle Center of California



“Detour!” I read the words on the bright orange sign as we were led off the freeway behind a long, streaming line of cars. I was driving with my son, Dallas, when our journey was abruptly changed. We rounded the corner and noticed the line of continuing traffic. There appeared to be an accident on the frontage road next to the freeway. Our detour was leading us straight into its path. We noticed a motorcyclist lying down in the road with paramedics around him. His bike and another truck were badly mangled. It was clear that the accident was significant and the paramedics were doing all they could to assist him.

As we sat in traffic next to the scene, we realized the detour was yet another opportunity to be of service. Dallas and I joined together and I immediately said a prayer out loud. It went something like this. “Dear God, we are your holy children, always and forever. We are a witness to the wholeness in this man and know that he cannot be altered by anything here, ever. We understand that pain is not required and that your guiding wisdom and love is surrounding him now. There is only one mind and we can receive a healed perception for him until he can know it for himself. We ask that this experience be used for the highest and most holy purpose. We thank you, in advance, that this situation is dedicated to truth and peace is inevitable. Amen.” 

As soon as the prayer was finished, my attention was drawn to the left. I noticed a woman in a wheelchair, sitting in the middle of an empty parking lot. Her head was bowed with her right hand extended directly towards the man lying in the street. She was obviously sending her loving light to him. It brought tears to my eyes. It felt good to be there that day to join with her in service.

A Course in Miracles says that “Whoever is saner at the time the threat is perceived” can do this. Because there is only “One Mind” in consciousness, any one of us can hold a pure thought of truth, bringing sanity to any situation. I have personally witnessed countless miracles as a result of these “sane moments” in time. 

The beauty is that any of us can do this. All it takes is a willingness to hold a place for peace in your mind, while chaos is taunting you into fear. We don’t have to be good at it, eloquent, spiritual, wise, or even unafraid. Our part is simply to hold a space for peace within our mind where wholeness can be remembered. God does the rest. With our willingness, combined with the strength of our Creator, our misperceptions are healed and miracles occur naturally.

There was another time when I was traveling about 100 feet behind a car while driving through the mountains. The car in front of me swerved to keep from hitting a large tire shred in the roadway. The moment they swerved, they lost control of the car and it began flipping sideways over and over again. I shouted out loud, “Kids, we need to pray!” I instinctively directed my right hand towards the accident scene while trying to pull over to the side of the road.

There is nothing magical about my right hand. The instinct is more from my own need to focus on truth, while my mind races towards fear. We watched as their car landed upside down in a ditch at the side of the road. I continued praying out loud, in a similar way to the prayer noted above. However, in moments of crisis my words are stronger and more deliberate. Again, my outward prayers were more to remind me than anyone one else

As quickly as I got there (and it must have been only seconds), the fourth person was crawling out from under the car. I looked around and said, “Who?” I was directed to a little 5-year-old girl, clinging to her Mother’s neck in terror. After glancing around, I realized that the only injury sustained was a broken thumbnail by the driver. There were two women in their mid-forties, an elderly woman (in her eighties) and the small 5-year-old girl. All of them were out of the car; shaken, but safe and sound.

I began talking to the little girl as she looked at me over her mother’s shoulder. I asked her if she knew that God was there and that everyone was OK. She didn’t quite know what to make of what I said. So, I asked her to look around and see the Angels there with her. Her eyes relaxed and a bright smile came over her face. She nodded her head in agreement with a knowing look. I watched as the terror left her face and a gleaming sparkle took its place.

We smiled at each other and I realized that her little pink shirt had the word “Angel” written on it. I asked if she knew what her shirt said and she shook her head “No.” I told her what it said and she beamed in delight. The paramedics rolled onto the scene and my part came to a close. I asked the little girl if she would remind her family that they are all OK because God and the Angels were with them. She gave me a great big nodding “Yes”, again with a beaming smile. I walked away feeling the love of God surrounding all of us.

We are all God’s Angels and can bring light to the world in even the darkest of circumstances. Each one of us is fully equipped to be a miracle worker at all times. In one sane moment, fear is transformed, despair is lifted and pain is dissolved....and the memory of love is wholly and gently restored.

Robin D. Duncan is an Instructor for The National Guild of Hypnotists and Director of The Miracle Center of California, a School for Hypnotherapy offering private sessions and classes to the public. Based on A Course in Miracles and using curriculum from The National Guild of Hypnotists, the school also offer voice analysis and sound therapy for healing and transformation. For more information, call (888) 773-9174 or visit:

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