By Jim Brenholts



When Darby told me that this issue’s theme was Angels, I was ecstatic! I LOVE ANGELIC MUSIC! I probably have close to 200 CD’s that fit the theme musically. I found 11 that have Angel in the title.

The reviews follow a procession in which we will meet the angels, experience their spiritual and healing prowess and allow them to unwind. I hope you enjoy these reviews as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Jonathan Goldman
Angel of Sound
Etherean Music
(Note: Angel of Sound has been discontinued as a single release. It is, however, available in its entirety as ½ of The Angel and the Goddess.)
Jonathan Goldman is one of the foremost creators of healing music. Angel of Sound is a musical homage to Shamael, the Angel of Sacred Sound. It is a sonic environment in four parts.
Part 1: Spirit of Kokopelli honors Kokopelli, one of the first sacred beings to use music to heal.
Part 2: Mantra of the Mysteries uses Om A Hum to celebrate Buddhism’s Great Mysteries of Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.
Part 3: Celebration of Shamael relates sacred Hebrew Kabbalistic Vowels. “Eee-Eye-Ah” is an ancient name for “Eheih,” or the “I Am” concept of the divine.
Part 4: Return to the Spirit completes the circle.

The music is timeless and full of deep energy and swirling atmospheres. Jonathan uses electronics and acoustics to develop these honorifics. The textures are psychoactive and divine.

The CD is one long (30’) track. It begins and ends with a mantra invoking the spirit of Shamael.

The first Angel is here. It is time to gather and greet more.

Azul Music
Corciolli is a multi-talented Brazilian with his own distinct vision of serenity. He conveys that vision through a neo-classical ambience of Angels. (The original title is Anjos, Portuguese for Angels.) The electro-acoustic atmospheres are deep and wide. Corciolli’s sound design incorporates hypnotic effects that interact with brainwave activity. Each atmosphere — there are seven — introduces a different Angel. The euphoric melodies interact with the atmospheres to create serene soundscapes and pleasant auras. This is perfect meditation and relaxation music. It leads nicely to the next step.

Tania Rose
43 Angels
Artscope Music
Despite the title, Tania Rose has not created 43 pieces about 43 Angels. She has created seven delightful compositions that convey “an ambient and soothing journey to transport mind, body and spirit to another place beyond the now.” That promises quite a bit and Tania delivers! Combining acoustics and electronics, she builds huge atmospheres that embrace listeners warmly and lovingly. They float to new levels of perception and serenity. The effect is almost narcotic as Tania becomes the spiritual guide and her delicate touch has strength. This relaxation adventure is a classic!

The Angels have gathered. It is time to get busy.

Robert Michael Fantini
Angelic Journeys
Breathe Light Music
Angelic Journeys is, in effect, two CD’s in one. Robert Michael Fantini has created four tracks from two soundscapes. Two of the tracks are free-form, or personal, meditation pieces. The other two have guided meditations within them. The music and the chants are deep and smooth. Each guided meditation piece uses the same soundscape as its sister free-form piece. It is a concept that has been used quite successfully in the past. Robert makes it work again. His spoken word directions are soft and lead deep listeners to peace and calmness within the heart center. The free-forms enhance the Divine Energy within the living/listening space. These are worthy journeys.

Dyan Garris
A Healing Journey:
The Voice of the Angels
Journeymakers, Inc.
A Healing Journey: The Voice of the Angels, by Dyan Garris, has one of the best guided meditations available to the public. The closing track – “A Healing Journey – Guided Fantasy” – features Dyan’s gentle exhortations, delivered with passion, sensitivity and grace. The soundscape surrounds listeners with beautiful atmospheres and euphoric drones. The neo-classical instrumentation is bright and evokes imagery of soft pastels.

Leading up to the finale, Dyan delivers some awesome free-form meditations. Her ecstatic minimalism sings with no vocals. Listeners feel the bliss as deep environmental atmospheres join in creating celebratory soundscapes. It is cinematic ambience as it builds to the climax. The passionate music elevates the spirit. This is an essential experience.

Angels of Healing: Music for Reiki, Massage, Healing and Alignment, Volume 1, 2, 3, 4
Helios Music
(Note: These CD’s have been re-issued as Music for Reiki, Vol. 1–4.)
When listing the great practitioners of healing new age ambient music, one must include Aeoliah. When referring to Angelic Music within that sub-genre, Angels of Healing: Music for Reiki, Massage, Healing and Alignment, Volume 1–4 must be near the top of the list.

Each CD has two long-form (about 30’) compositions. Their titles say a lot about the music. In order, they are: “Hearts of the Future,” “Souls in Ecstasy,”” Chintamani: the Treasure,”” The Healing Heart,” “Emanation of Grace,” “The Gift,” “The Joy of Innocence” and “The Flame of Eternal Love.”

The CD’s are full of deep atmospheres, smooth melodies, euphoric drones and neo-classical airs. The soundscapes are clouds for floating and experiencing the subtleties and nuances of the soul within.

Aeoliah released these CD’s from 1995 to 1997 and they are still essential journeys and delightful adventures. They are available individually but not as a set. (However, I would suggest that you visit the site and make an offer. You might get a special price for the set.) The best one of the discs is Volume 4, but only by a slim margin.

The Angels have done their work. It is time to unwind.

Maire Breatnach
Angels’ Candles
Blix Street Records
In a change of direction and a switch of gears, Angels’ Candles is a different spin on Angelic Music. Maire Breatnach is a classically-trained Irish folk musician. These compositions — there are 14 — represent her treatises on Angels’ candles — the stars in the heavens. The first seven pieces are remembrances of childhood. The latter seven are adult experiences. While this is, indeed, different from the other selections reviewed here, it is no less Angelic and every bit as vital. Maire’s primary instrument is the fiddle and she is one of the best. The selections are lively and infectious. This is a playful and introspective adventure. Now the Angels are ready to rest.

Jim Fink
Where Angels Go to Rest
Jim Fink Records
In another turn of styles and intentions, Where Angels Go to Rest is not Angelic Music in the classic sense. Jim Fink uses processed bass — electric and upright — to create this ambient treasure — and that is the right term! These simple atmospheres are perfect resting spaces for tired souls and spent energies. The deep pockets of serenity encourage and facilitate regeneration of the mind, body and spirit. The space music textures give the set variety and strength.

This is a smooth end to a glorious ride.

The adventure started with an introduction to our Angels. We followed them through their healing journeys and allowed them to unwind and — finally — to rest. This endless journey is played every day in our lives and in the lives around us. We are lucky enough to be observers and participants!

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