Unique Healing From the Inside Out
By Kathy DeSantis



Editor’s Note: We live in an interesting time when both science and spirituality can dovetail to bring the frequencies of our body, mind and soul into focus as a stream of energy that we are both part of and separate from. This dynamic is exemplified in the person of  Dr. Carolle-Jean Murat, M.D. of San Diego. She is a board-certified OB/GYN  who practiced traditional and holistic medicine for many years before she realized her calling was to incorporate her understanding of women and her gifts as an intuitive healer.

She opened the Dr. Carolle One-on-One Wellness & Retreat Center for Midlife Women in 2003 so she could apply her healing abilities in a practice more suitable to her unique  method of helping women through the emotional and spiritual stages of perimenopause and menopause. I was happily assigned to experience the wonder of Dr. Carolle, and to share my encounter with other women whose lives are out of balance and in need of her wisdom.

Like many women in my midlife-age group, I am plagued with continual mysterious maladies that are slowly but surely unraveling my physical, mental and emotional well-being. Conventional medicine and alternative treatments helped me up to a point. New menopausal symptoms keep popping up indicating no real healing. Tired of being in distress and wondering what I should be doing,  I made an appointment with Dr. Carolle.

Working out of her Wellness Center in San Diego, Dr. Carolle’s method is for women who have not experienced satisfaction in traditional western and alternative modalities, who believe in her abilities and are desperate for help. Her reputation and award-winning books convinced me that she could provide the approach I needed for the long term.

Dr. Carolle personally pre-screens all of her clients.  An intriguing and in-depth questionnaire of a holistic nature helps her to focus on each client’s unique situation. That is only the beginning of all the hours she is willing to spend in consultation. As we talked and I shared my woes, I felt her understanding of me to be a most welcome change. She used her intuition, combined with a powerful gift to see the “energy blocks” to address any and all conditions from which I was suffering. I listened with fascination as the good doctor told me about my inner self and busted my blocks wide open. In her friendly and playful manner, she described my painful childhood, secrets I had repressed, and the angry child inside who is still looking for approval and acceptance — all necessary to hear in order to process the information she was telling me. 

She said that she sees the inside as if a movie screen is in front of her. It must be a clear picture because she was right on, and I got goose bumps in the process of hearing the truth of it all.  “It’s all part of the reprogramming and expanded self-awareness,” she assured me. That part is exciting.

“Our medical experts have forgotten that our bodies are composed of energy. It is a fact that has been forgotten and you are paying the price. If your body is composed of pure energy, should you not be discovering what is blocking your internal energy flow?”

Of tremendous value is the personal plan she devised for me — “a powerful new blueprint” she calls it, to dissolve the energy blocks which are thought patterns that are not serving me — namely, my core beliefs about myself. She recommends that by following my plan, keeping the faith and practicing it, will lead me to the peaceful, healthful existence I was intended to have. It’s simple and Dr. Carolle guarantees it.  Now that is the cruise I want to take! 

She did not attempt to get me to change my life as part of the process. Some people don’t want to do the soul-searching and personal inventory, but for me it is the beginning of a new, authentic self. “The answer is within, that’s my new message,” she said. “When something is causing a block within your body, everything backs up and is affected by it. When that block is released, miracles can happen. I see it every day with my clients.”

“Menopause is the time when you have to clear your energy to allow for more self-awareness and creative expansion. Heal what doesn’t work, the blocks and obstacles that prevent you from becoming who you really are,” she says.

After my consultation, which lasted about five hours, I felt breathless, weightless, bright and good about myself for the first time in a long time. Dr. Carolle is an important ally and resource who can provide support on the journey to perfect health. She made it clear that we have control, choice and a simple plan to make it happen if we do the work. She lives what she teaches, and loves what she does. Loving self-_expression is her way of life. At the Wellness Center she meets her chosen clients in lovely gardens, serving healthy juices and nurturing guidance. “I like to serve my clients, I talk to them and treat them with love,” she states.

For those who have a health issue and haven’t found a satisfactory treatment or are curious about the relationship between mind and health, Dr. Carolle offers flexible and accommodating programs to pre-screened clients. Clients can choose from a Second Opinion, Personalized Health Assessment, Making Sense Out of Your Life, or a Private One-on-One Retreat with Dr. Carolle.

 Dr. Carolle can be reached at the Wellness Center in San Diego at (619) 741-7261 or via email:   Visit her informative and useful website at 

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