The Secret
Produced by Prime Time Productions
The Secret is timely. It is certainly time that we begin, as a species, to become responsible for our thoughts and feelings. I applaud its ability to appeal to such a large audience while providing some choice information of lively interest. The piece has an abundance of catalytic quotes by the presenters and historical figures that provides a positive impetus for momentum. This offering of inspiration is an infection we could all catch and it would be a contagion for the good.

Populated with successful figures in the fields of science, philosophy and new thought, The Secret has a certain magnetic attraction of its own. We all know secrets and success have great sex appeal. It has a strength in saying, through the notable presenters, ‘We’ve all made it, and here’s what; we’re telling you a secret that has been closely guarded, only a few members have been invited, even fewer have cracked the code on their own.’  Well, it’s a marketing romp in a spiritual guise, but a good one in some ways. And we Americans love the sweet smell of success whatever package it comes in.

The Secret exposes some key truths, and though its dramatic approach was overblown, it addresses the inherent power within us all that has been largely hidden. Yet, the piece as a whole lacks a real foundation in sacred wisdom. Instead, it prompts more of a marketer’s mentality to get our material wants met. The context of our times is more compelling than conjuring up images to materialize more Mercedes. Yes, I would passionately acknowledge that the time has come to identify the inherent power we have as co-creators and to use it, but responsibly and wisely, using our hearts to guide us.

We all want to create a world of success. Even more importantly, we all should care enough to create a world that acknowledges the great power of intelligence inherent in this ‘Law of Attraction’. It is the great guiding principle of the Universe, that love responds.

While it would be great fun to tap into a virtual shopping space for everyone to hang out in, for now, we need to focus our laser beam of attraction on finding more balance and harmony in our hearth called earth, so we may all continue to be sustained and rise up to flourish in our collective evolution now totaling more than 6 billion on terra firma.

May the secret, that love is our gift, be acknowledged and advanced in our daily lives. May we become adept in using the loving intelligence of creation. The time is now.

The Secret is produced by Prime Time Productions and is available online and in DVD format through www.thesecret.tv.com

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Reviewed by Donna Strong


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