Do You Believe in Angels?
By Katherine Agranovich



When I attended a conference a few years ago, there was an angel channeling presentation during lunch. At first the whole concept seemed a bit silly and childish. I had never experienced channeling of any kind before, especially the angelic one. So without any expectations, and with a little skepticism, I was enchanted lovingly and gently into this profound experience, which I still remember with a smile on my face.

At first we experienced a channeling presentation, where the angel communicated with us through the body of this petite and sweet woman, bringing humorous, kind and loving messages of the simplicity of life, and its common-sense conceits of everyday living that we tend to forget or ignore because we are so busy; such as “ask and you shall receive”, “if you’re happy let your face know about it”, “be careful what you wish for”, etc.

Then we were ntroduced to a short relaxation exercise where we were asked to quiet our inner chatter, called our brain, reach deeper within to the point of stillness and peace, and meet with out angel. I felt the connection with some kind of warm, cozy feeling arousing from within and enveloping me in a soft blanket of protection and love. This feeling developed into physical sensations of deep relaxation, bringing visual images of the angelic face, smiling at me.

Did I meet my angel or did my mind play tricks on me?

Does it really matter?

The whole experience made me feel connected to something that is bigger than the limitations of my mind and physical ability of five sensory perceptions of viewing our reality. We all have a choice, should we accept this connection, embrace it and take it to the next level of consciousness, opening us to higher guidance of inner wisdom, or remaining ignorant and closed up within five senses of existence.

I believe that this is the hardest concept to comprehend. Even after understanding we are much more then just our bodies, organs, systems, glands, brain, much more than our eyes can see and fingers can touch; after deeply realizing and believing it, are we really living by this truth, utilizing this knowledge and acting upon it, incorporating it into our daily lives?

What makes it so hard to actually live by this beautiful truth of heaven and angelic teachings? The answer is bared deeply within each and every of us, deeply rooted into our childhoods, family connections, societal and environmental influences.

Throughout the years of overcoming hardships, challenges and disappointments in our lives, we are gently pushed to begin awakening from within; in this school of life we are taught to rise higher and beyond limitations set by our minds and break free from the chains of an old reality.

Since that day I made a conscious choice to feel the presence of my angel by my side. I feel her warmness and tenderness at challenging, as well as at happy times. Through experience with my clients, I have found that we all have our own angels around us, without even realizing it.

Yes, we all have angels in our lives. If we think of all the people who warm our hearts with their smile, their acts of mercy, or just by being around us, sharing their unconditional love in any form; those are angels in disguise sent by heaven, we just need to learn be open enough to recognize and embrace their loving presence in our lives. It all begins with awareness and then conscious choice, and this choice is up to us.

Katherine Agranovich is a Doctor of Natural Health, PhD candidate and Certified Medical and Anesthesiology Hypnotherapist. She specializes in cessation of smoking, weight reduction, eliminating unwanted habits, fears, enhancing a sense of well-being and a variety of medical conditions. To learn more, please call (949) 702-3228 or visit her website at:

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