Deepen Your Connection with the Angelic Realm
By Aileen Nobles



Have you ever experienced a time when you wished you had another source of guidance besides trying to analyze your way through situations? Well you do. Your Angels speak to you on a daily basis through your intuition, guiding you on matters that are big and small.

Communicating with Angels is not something that is metered out to the special ones who have “behaved”.  Your Angels  have been with you since you were born, and patiently wait for you to make your connection. It takes practice to develop a strong communication, and if you are waiting for a fanfare of trumpets before your Angels speak to you, you will be disappointed.

You may miss the quiet knowingness as this clearer part of you gently sends its wise guidance to you. This guidance most often consists of energetic impressions that are felt, heard, or sensed, and are then translated into a comfortable form of acceptance with which you are familiar.

A time when my Angels saved me from being in a terrible situation will probably stay with me for the rest of my life. I was driving to the Farmers Market in Santa Monica, listening to the radio; I suddenly had a vision of bodies hitting my windshield. It was so vivid, I pulled over right away. For a moment I thought it was actually happening. It went on for quite a few minutes. Was it real or not? 

I started shaking and called my husband. I told him what had happened. I felt a strong Angelic presence telling me to go straight home. Soon enough, I found out that if I hadn’t had that vision I would have been at the market as the elderly driver ploughed his car into the crowd. I gave a heartfelt “thank you” to my Angels, one more time.

There are so many beliefs we carry, consciously and unconsciously, that keep us from deepening our connection with the Angelic Realm. You don’t need to change your behavior to have this connection. Just tune in and pay attention to the little voice within that allows you to feel discomfort if you are doing something not in your higher interests. Your Angels are very diligent about helping you to take the highest path that offers the most joy, if only you will listen. To hear clearly, it is necessary to release all the thoughts that may be hindering you.

List all the reasons you may be blocking it!!!

•    Are you afraid to know what is around the corner?
•    Do you believe you can’t be intuitive?
•    Do you think it’s morally wrong  to listen to Angels?
•    Are you afraid you might abuse the gift?
•    Do you feel unworthy of having this gift?
•    Are you afraid you might be wrong?
•    Do you believe there is no such guidance?
•    Do you believe you are not worthy of being guided towards happiness?
•    Is it wrong to connect with “things” not of this world?

Whatever beliefs you may have that keep you from raising your vibration to access the wisdom of the Higher Realms, it is time to release them.

I have helped clients access the Angelic Realm for many years while using hypnosis/NLP/meditation techniques. And then I came across EFT. It is the quickest, easiest technique to unblock emotions such as fear, anxiety, or not feeling worthy.

The founder of EFT, Gary Craig believes “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” He found out if you tap on certain parts of your body that are on the energy meridians, and verbalize the core issue you want to release, the negative energy becomes unblocked and the emotion or behavior releases.

To start your connection you might say: “I request help and healing from all of my Angels in conscious service to the Light.”  The easiest way to begin releasing your issues is to start tapping on one point. It is a point on the side of your hand called the karate point, located between the base of the little finger and your wrist. Gently start tapping on this point with three fingers as you verbalize out loud. “Even though I am afraid I won’t be able to connect with my Angels, I am still a terrific person anyway.”

Then repeat the sentence as you tap the top of your head, then your collarbone, and then your thymus area in the middle of your chest. Now change your words and tap on the karate point again,  ”I don’t feel good enough/spiritual to connect with my Angels, but I am wonderful anyway.” Repeat the tapping points.

Change the words again to reflect how you feel. “Even though I don’t feel worthy of connecting with my Angels, I would really like to.” “Dear Angels hear me now… I request a deepening of my connection with you… thank you.”

Although many times issues you are working on shift within a few minutes, I would suggest you do this tapping each day for a while.

You too have a Divine Plan that is yours and only yours. Your Angels are with you to facilitate that journey. Tapping allows you to become a clearer channel, lose weight or your fear of flying, stop smoking or release anxiety. Clearing your issues with meridian psychotherapy allows you to have alignment and congruity, placing your vibration in harmony with your desires. Your Angels are ready and waiting to assist you in manifesting your dreams.

Aileen Nobles is an intuitive, an EFT practitioner and a writer. She hosts her own television show “Light Transformation” and is the author of “Divine Abundance” and “The Power to Heal Now”.  A popular guest on radio and television, she has appeared on the “Learning Channel” discussing “Angels” and been a guest on “Leeza” and “The Other Side”.

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