Contemplation of Angels
By Dr. Iris Fanning



Are angels real or more like a fairy tale? It’s up to you to make the choice of what you believe. Let’s look at some ideas about angels.

Angels and the angelic realm are recorded in every religious and spiritual tradition. Human history is filled with angelic thoughts and experiences. Angels are considered Messengers, attendants and agents of God. Angels are also considered to be guardians and helpers for us to attain our true desires in life. Angels demonstrate wonderful intelligence and strength, and are unencumbered by the physical realm.

It is common in most spiritual traditions that we are assigned a guardian angel. This angel watches over us and intervenes on our behalf in common situations as well as life-altering circumstances.

We can pray for multitudes of angels to surround, protect and guide us and our loved ones. Angels are portrayed as radiant beings that emanate light.

Some people say that they see angels, describing them as: huge, powerful, translucent and opalescent beings. They say our ideas of timid, floating, small beings are not quite correct, that Angels really are strong, comforting and powerful.

Angels appear to be able to take human form, often performing super-human activities and then disappearing. These activities can include: moving a car or another large object off a person; moving  falling objects or people out of the way to avoid being hit; helping someone out of a dangerous situation, and so on. Then, as the person who was in danger prepares to thank the “person”/angel who helped them, they simply vanish.

My experience with angels is more a sense of angelic presence. I have felt angelic presence in times of deep grief, questioning and difficulty. This presence felt like a warm, comforting glow. In my body/being I felt as though I was not alone and that I was being helped, healed and comforted. The room I was in appeared to be bathed in a soft glow. I also experience a sense of greater peace when I pray for protection of myself and loved ones. As I have asked for divine help and angelic solace and protection, my prayers have been answered. Sometimes the prayer is simply a whisper or thought…  “Help!”  

What do you believe? Have you experienced your own connection with angels? Have you seen angels? Have you experienced the presence of angels? Do you long for a personal spiritual connection? I believe that thinking people come into their own spiritual discoveries as they experience, read and learn about spiritual principles. When you ask the questions and then “test” your ideas about spirituality, you will experience results. This will begin development of your belief system about Angels, Spirit and God.

Dr. Iris Fanning is a nationally-recognized Success Coach. She is a graduate of Coach University, holds an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity, an M.A. in Psychology, Counseling & Guidance, and an M.S. in Psychology. Iris is a self-published author of “Change Your Life Right Now” and “Do What you Love & Get Rich”. Please visit or email:

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