Rev. Sandy and Kirk Moore are the co-founders of the Center for Universal Truth in San Juan Capistrano. They established this New Thought spiritual community to bring individuals of various religious and spiritual faiths together so their lives could be empowered by applying practical principals.

This column has been developed to allow people the opportunity to seek additional answers about spiritual insights. If you would like to ask them a question, please send it to the Center for Universal Truth, 27121 Calle Arroyo Suite 2200, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675, visit You can reach us at (949) 481-4040.

Q: If there is only one God, why are there so many religions? 
    Irvine, CA

A: As the Bible states, God created us in the image and likeness of himself. As we teach that God is in everyone and everything we are also “unique” individualized expressions of God; and as individuals, we express God in many ways and through many religious philosophies.

There is Truth in every religion and at the center of all religious beliefs is that same loving God. We find as individuals that there are many different beliefs working for us in our lives. It is our quest to find a belief that resonates with us and expresses best in our life. God is too large to fit into just one box.

Q: Jesus’ greatest message was of love and forgiveness. How do we return to that place of love with those who have done wrong or harm to us?
    Laguna Beach, CA

A: This is sometimes a challenge for us to clear our mind of those who may not have treated us fairly. Forgiveness, of course, is the best form of releasing that torment we hold. This takes practice and patience. It can be done through meditation, prayer, positive affirmation, or many other ways.

When we forgive we aren’t justifying the other person’s actions or letting them “off the hook”; what we are doing is clearing ourselves of any attachment to that situation and relieving ourselves of resentment or anger. The truth of forgiveness is about setting ourselves free. Again the Bible states that the truth shall set us free.

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