Anxiety & Depression
By Alex Strande, M.S., Ph.D.



Are you feeling irritable and apprehensive, constantly tired to the point where getting out of bed each day is a chore, and you no longer have the energy to get through your normal daily routine? Perhaps you are having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, or feeling unable to cope with the slightest social or professional obligations.

Okay, the holidays are here and that is enough to put anyone in a funk. Most people have more than their share of chores and not enough time to get it all done. Others feel left out of what appears to be a happy social and familial whirl of events for everyone but them. Sometimes, however, these feelings have been around for awhile and last long after the last string of lights are packed away. Feelings of anxiety and depression are very common in our fast-paced society and often exist together.

Naturopathy, the practice of natural, non-invasive methods of healing, employs herbs and other botanical substances, sound nutritional principles and exercises to stimulate the body’s inherent healing processes.

Highly-concentrated doses of pure-liquid botanicals, grown in controlled conditions, are used to banish the underlying pathology forever. With complete cooperation of a patient who is motivated to get well, the success rate with depression and/or anxiety is 100%.

The majority of illnesses occur because of our high-stress, twenty-first-century lifestyles, but with a partnership between the healer and patient, we can learn to heal ourselves and live healthy, happy and drug-free lives.

Alex Strande, M.S., Ph.D., is a Traditional Naturopath and a Microbiologist. He is located in Irvine, California and can be contacted for questions and appointments at (949) 587-1513. Please visit his website at

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