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Isabella is an angel of grace and love. She is here, radiating to us the love, grace and beauty that is our true divine nature. Isabella has asked me to channel her messages to all of you who are longing to connect with your angels at this time. Isabella reveals that the angels are more accessible to us now than ever before. Their divine message is one of unconditional love for God and the divinity within each and every person on this planet. In joy and gratitude, I share Isabella’s message of Love with you.
—  Blessings, Susan Hart

Greetings Dearest Ones…
In grace, love and gratitude for you — and all of humanity — we offer you a message of compassion, hope and inner peace. We share with you words of inspiration to give you courage, care and support through many of the challenging and difficult days you are facing in your world. As the vibration steadily increases on Mother Earth, She is preparing You and all of humanity for personal and global ascension.

You, my dearest one, have chosen this auspicious period in time to incarnate on the physical plane of existence. With great excitement and enthusiasm you have come here to bare witness to this evolutionary transformation, and also, to Be... the divine creative life force which you are... Being... and birthing... this New Reality. You are the divine lights of the world; you are the truth seekers and the peacemakers.

You may be asking: How can we bring peace and love to a planet riddled with poverty, war, disease, terror and natural disasters? We Angels understand you… and how in the presence of so much uncertainty, many of you are living daily with a sense of hopelessness and fear of the future. Please... hand over your worries to us, and live in the Light which You Are.

We urge you to Wake Up from the dream of despair and Know... the most powerful moment to create peace in your existence is Now. It is only fear, self-doubt and lack of faith — always rooted in the past and dwelling in the collective psyche of mankind — that allows dark dreams and disasters to be made into matter. Consciousness creates reality... Change your thoughts and you WILL change your world… Yes, you can quite literally, Will a New World into Being... Becoming... at-One... in love and harmony with You.

If you look within, you may notice many individuals have the mistaken notion that peace must be attained on an external, even global level, before their lives can be harmonious. Most indiv-
iduals believe that peace is a ‘thing’ which other countries and world leaders reach amongst themselves. If you however, delve deeper into the true nature of living a peaceful life, you will discover that peace begins with you... within your Being... your Home... and extends outward from there.

Again, in order for your world to be in Peace... within the womb of Love... you must create a sacred space of serenity within your own Heart. It is through the continual, conscious, creative and often simple choice to live, breathe and Be Peace... in your thoughts, words and deeds... that the world which you inhabit will be harmonious.

Maintaining a peaceful balance in your everyday life requires inner courage, self-awareness and the willingness to live consciously in your Heart moment to moment. Throughout the day, simply be present enough to notice where your thoughts are leading you. Are you aware of when you feel in harmony with yourself and others? Do you know where your compassion for another begins and ends? And... once compassion begins... can it continue to BE... begin within you... becoming as you... on and on?

We now offer you some sound methods in the art and path of peaceful living:

Awareness is a fundamental step in Being... and living a peaceful life. Gently and consistently, witness your thoughts and feelings. When are you feeling peaceful? When are you feeling agitated or anxious? Is it in the things people say to you? Is it in what another may do? What thoughts roll around and around through your mind? Are they loving thoughts... critical... destructive... and/or caring thoughts? Be present with yourself... with the ‘I Am’... the silent witness which IS you. Simply allow yourself this safe space to observe and recognize your thought patterns and inner dialogue.

As you begin to observe your thoughts more and more, you may notice how they change from one moment to the next. Can you witness the battle going on within yourself... within your mind? Notice dear ones, how your mind rarely rests in peace and stillness, and rather, is often a battleground of old stories and outworn beliefs about yourself and others.

In times of conflict, we observe that you often want another to see things your way, and to understand the situation from your point of view. In reality, no one can see things exactly the way you do. Each of you... Being emanations of the Divine... sees through your own unique experience of life. We ask that you begin paying attention to the thoughts and judgments that keep you from allowing another his/her freedom of choice.

It is vital that you allow others to think and feel as they do... and to be who they are. The more you respect and allow another person their freedom of choice to have their own opinion, however much you may disagree, the more you... quite naturally... allow yourself the freedom to be... Yes, the freedom to fully, totally and completely express Who You Are.  

Once you allow yourself to disagree... in peace... with another, see where and how you can be more understanding... more giving... and more forgiving. From this sound space, dive in! — do something risky — take a chance and push through your resistance by opening up your heart even more... Let Go!  Remember, everyone is learning and growing... and conflict, simply provides a rich opportunity for healing and transformation.

Peace is a choice... a way of Being which stems from within you. Inner peace is not about compromising your own spiritual integrity or belief system. Rather, it is about choosing to be... to allow and respect... another’s belief system and way of being. The essence of Peace is Love... in this union, differences are part and parcel of the fabric which makes us whole... at-One... with each other.

When you consciously choose to open your heart in a challenging moment, you open a doorway for the Divine Presence to work through You. We know this takes great inner courage. If you simply ask for our assistance, we promise you that we will be here… for you, with you... every step of the way.

We fully support and embrace you in Love... on this courageous quest for personal peace and global Awakening. Remember, there is no mistake you have ever made or can ever make, that self-forgiveness and love cannot heal. Inner peace will bring you the greatest joy in life, for when you are at peace within yourself... you are at peace with the world around you.
— Blessings of Love, Angel Isabella

Susan Hart is an Angel channel, healer and visionary. Visit her website at: www.AngelHeartConnections.com 

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