A Celebration of Oneness...

What Is A Cultural Creative and What Is Their Secret?
By Bridget Fonger



Several weeks ago I heard the term “Cultural Creatives” for the first time from Colleen Cackowski, CEO and Founder of Dragonfly Now Foundation, producer of the upcoming two-day multi-media event to be held December 9th and 10th at the Pasadena Convention Center and Civic Auditorium. Her event, “Celebration of Oneness” is targeted to the Cultural Creatives.

I assumed I couldn’t possibly be a Cultural Creative, because I so rarely identify with any particular demographic or group. But, as she described how they spend more money on earth-friendly products, spend more with companies who give back to non-profits, and are actively seeking to make the world a better place, I thought “Damn, a demographic got me!”

My theory is that the Yuppie had to evolve. People who had been enchanted by the potential healing and happy-making powers of money slowly realized it wasn’t doing the trick. Their health and happiness suffered: there were heart attacks on Wall Street, an increased demand for antacids, an ever-widening use of anti-anxiety and anti-depression drugs.

People started exercising, and slowly moved into yoga; then some even started meditating. They started giving for the sake of giving, and saw that contributing and making a difference was a pretty good reason to have money. They also started becoming more interested in transformation, spirituality and personal growth.

Colleen Cackowski designed  “Celebration of Oneness” to give Cultural Creatives an extraordinary experience: inspiring and empowering them to transform all that is not sustainable in the world. Her story is not unlike that of many Cultural Creatives. After nearly 20 years of corporate marketing and management, she found herself seeking, and happened upon “kirtan,” chanting Sanskrit mantras in a musical context for the purpose of self-development and spiritual evolution. Her personal transformation exploded, and she wanted everyone to know about kirtan.

She became aware of a growing market for mantra-based music, or “New World” music. She started marketing internationally-recognized musicians like Deva Premal and Miten, and promoted live events for them, Rasa, Dave Stringer, Jai Uttal, Wah!, Suvarna and others. She soon realized, that while individual concerts were extremely successful, they were not far-reaching enough. Colleen then launched Dragonfly Now Foundation to bring transformational experiences to mass audiences via large-scale events and concerts, like “Celebration of Oneness”.

“Celebration of Oneness” will feature top New World musicians, award-winning filmmakers, renowned artists, teachers and visionaries, coming together to give us inspiration, practical tips and tools to bring us to “oneness” with our hearts, minds, bodies, communities and the Earth.

A few of the extraordinary teachers and leaders who will be presenting are: Wing Lam, co-founder of Wahoo Fish Tacos; Lisa Nichols, co-author of “Chicken Soup for the African American Soul” (www.Lisa-Nichols.com); Susan Miller of Astrology Zone (www.astrologyzone.com); and Kathy Eldon, author of 16 books, featured in Ariana Huffington’s new book “On Becoming Fearless” and founder of Creative Visions (www.creativevisions.org).

Panels include “Making a Difference through Film” featuring award-winning filmmakers;  “onfiltered= Collaboration in Action”, a study of how non-profits can work more closely with for-profits to further their goals; “Oneness through the United Nation’s 8 Millennium Development Goals: Case Study Africa”; “AIDS in our Global Community” featuring the doctor who discovered the virus in the early 80’s; and “The Power of Transformational Art and Media” including leaders in several different media who are causing transformation through their art.

Wing Lam is also generously presenting a special workshop for non-profits to help them broaden their social networks, and become more effective and successful.

Several major films will be screened, including “3 Needles” (featuring Lucy Liu, Sandra Oh, Olympia Dukakis, and more) (www.3-needles.com) which will be opening on World AIDS Day, the week prior to the event. Another film to be featured is a new theatrical version of “The Secret” (www.thesecret.tv), a movie that has been largely distributed via the internet. We will be hearing more and more about “The Secret” over these next couple of months. But, don’t be put off by it moving into the mainstream.

If you are reading this article, it is very likely that you too are a “Cultural Creative” and honestly, “The Secret” could very well be the new bible of our demographic: a group of people who care about our own happiness, the happiness of those around us, and the globe. “Celebration of Oneness” will prove to be our celebration.

Not only will you have many opportunities to dip into the world of “The Secret”, but also you will see, hear and personally experience transformation through the offerings of this event.

See www.celebrationofoneness.com to see a menu that is bound to whet your culturally-creative appetite.

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