2012  Quantum Leap,
Living the Divine Galactic Blueprint
A Conversation with Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa
By Steve McCrory



Swimming courageously in a sea of stereotypes, and navigating the delicate balance of the mainstream is where you find Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa. Boldly wearing whatever they feel is right at any given moment, (often contrary to the “expected norm”), and Kira’s always obvious bindi on her forehead, makes many question: Who are these people and why do they dress that way?

I must admit I wondered the same thing! Recently, I took the plunge and visited them at their “otherworldly” ranch in New Mexico. I had already experienced their powerful public presence, and was moved by their mes­sages, radio show, books and workshops, yet my natural skeptic needed to know if they were real…..

With all the buzz about 2012, why do you feel that your book, “2012: You Have A Choice” and your 2012 Ascension Symposium were included in Newsweek magazine?

SRI: Kira and I are blessed with a conscious connection to transcendent energies; the mystical knowing many experience while in deep meditation. For us, it is our waking state. Our book “2012: You Have A Choice!” is intended to offer an opportunity for the reader to effortlessly join with their deeper knowing. Times are changing, there is more energy available for manifestation now than ever before…so, what will we do with that energy?  We invite the reader to expand their paradigms and make conscious choices that align with their Soul’s true Joy. At a time when war and chaos are the primary front page news, this book reminds us that we can co-create a collective experience that embodies true alignment with that essence.

KIRA: The intent of both the book and the symposium is to send out the energy of love to not only those on the cutting edge of consciousness, but to everyone. It is time to realize that we are not a society of victims anymore, that fear is an illusion, and together, we can indeed co-create a positive future. What you saw in the Newsweek article was the first acknowledgment by mainstream media that perhaps people are now ready to make a positive choice in our future, how exciting!

What message do you have for the many people who are trying to overcome the fear they have in their lives?

SRI: Our society offered surprisingly clear messages to the youth of my generation, such as “get good grades, make a lot of money, raise a family…etc.” I did all those things and by efforting  to succeed in the conventional paradigm, I suffered greatly. No amount of success or money could satisfy the emptiness I felt inside. Finally, I realized I had to either numb myself with more external distractions and goals, or surrender to the inward journey at the risk of losing everything I had previously relied upon.

Most people in the western world are faced with the same dilemma: fear of the loss of control if they really surrender to their soul’s mission. I meet people all the time who talk about metaphysical issues and spiritual values, yet deep inside they are driven by their unresolved fears.

Fear is disempowering and always collapses our energy. Yet fear is so pervasive that people are unconscious to how their belief in this limiting energy contracts their power and their possibilities. Trust in our true core essence, which is Love, is always expansive and empowering. The basic choice people must make is whether to align with fear or to choose trust. It has been said there are only two choices, fear or love. However, it is more accurate to invite yourself to choose between fear or trust. It is through Trust, a surrendering of doubt, that you will fully experience Divine love.

KIRA: The greatest gift from fear is the opportunity to recognize you are experiencing it. Be honest with yourself, and the healing begins. Once you are clear that you are experiencing fear, bring your hand to your heart. This simple act opens your conscious connection to your soul’s love and reassurance. Holding this soul con­nection open while looking at your fear will give you the spiritual resources you need to grow through the fear. I also love that I can effortlessly place my hand on my heart at any time in any situation and it always works.

What is your take on the 2012 phenomena that every­one is talking about?

SRI: 2012 is a symbol for the culmination of the human experience. It offers not so much a deadline as it is a milestone of opportunity. Mankind has consistently misinterpreted prophecy and divine revelation to match current belief structures. Much like the “telephone game” of children’s parties, angelic messages and prophecy are painted with personal beliefs and fears and then passed down through the generations gathering more distortion.

The Mayan Calendar, The Book of Revelations, and Hopi prophecies all contain elements of universal truth. It is not for any individual or institution to decipher these communications, for to do so only introduces interpretative beliefs from the then dominant paradigm. It is time for the individual to trust their own DNA, to recognize that The Creator has bestowed everything One needs for successful living right in your core essence. Prophecy can be understood by the heart as a sense of trust or knowing. The mind does not have to be satiated with explanations!

KIRA: Let me ask you a question. What if the true purpose of prophecy or prediction was to assist you in finding your inner truth?  What if we were at the time now when everyone who chooses to was able to find their own infallible source of truth? The reason I am sharing this is because we are at the time of undeniable growth. All of the chaos and drama on our planet is a wake-up call. Perhaps, we are loved so much that we have been offered a momentous gift. Today, more than ever, we are ready to stand clear in our choices because as humanity we KNOW things must shift. The consciousness of 2012 offers us the gift of realizing we are all at the “If not now, when?” moment in history.

I listened to your appearance on Coast to Coast with George Noory, and have also listened to your radio show, Ascension Talk Radio. You seem to have a large international audience, why do you think that is?

SRI: Kira and I began our mission together by combining our energies in a unique form of divine communion we call Archangel In-Soulment. Angels are indeed among us and many people receive loving guidance from these angelic presences, yet what we do is different from such inspiration or channeling. A trance channel can never completely leave their body; they partially step aside, so to speak, to open to a stream of energy. That energy and the information it brings, can be anything from useful to distorted, depending upon a number of factors relating to the channel’s psyche and belief structures.

Archangelic In-Soulment is a process whereby Kira leaves and severs her connection to the body. My presence and our love allow her soul a connection to this physical realm through me. The Archan­gelic Presence that enters and animates her tissues, actually talking with an audience, offers divine wisdom and great healing energy to the participants. This is a most sacred gift, and unlike channeling, it is free from any egoic distortions or interpretations. In-soulment allows these divine messengers the opportunity to interact with people who would not otherwise be able to receive this blessing.

Since Kira carries this energy all of the time, during our radio appearances this loving energy is actually felt by our listeners and transcends all boundaries of country, state or religion.

KIRA: What is most apparent from all of our radio work is the deep hunger being expressed by humanity to be heard and understood. We are blessed each week to receive calls from all over the world from amazing people who either want to share a mystical experience or simply wish to receive a mini soul reading from the Archangelic realm. Either way, the gift for Sri and me is always the same  — to offer loving reassurance that stimulates soul recognition and personal truth.

You have a huge ranch in New Mexico called TOSA, and you talk about the other dimensions there. Tell us about that.

SRI: TOSA Ranch is our private home; thirty-two acres of juniper, ponderosa pine, cactus and wildflowers located at 7,400 feet in the mountains of New Mexico. The ranch anchors a multi-dimensional energy that nourishes the ascended soul. We have empowered the ranch to protect and nourish us, and we share this sacred land with others by invitation only.

People who are on the path of Self-Ascension find TOSA Ranch to be an inspiration and most healing experience. Sacred sites on the property include the Lotus Temple, the giant Merkabah and Labyrinth, the Prayer Garden and the Crystalline Light Portal.

There is a five-acre meadow in the center of the land which offers powerful portals of healing energy along with perfect star gazing. These portals of divine energy open to high frequency energies and conscious inter-dimensional and other worldly contact.

KIRA: TOSA is truly a gift. When Sri and I first met, we both saw the ranch inside of meditation, and within three weeks, we actually found it and were able to purchase it. We find that creating a living space in fifth-dimensional energy is possible for anyone who is committed to a journey including the spaciousness of love in all aspects of life. As the caretakers of TOSA, it is always a joy to share our home with others who are ready to embrace the possibility that there really is more to our life experience than what we may currently see on TV!

You have recently founded the Avesa Institute of Quantum Healing. This modality of healing purports “the evolution of the upliftment of our Consciousness”. Tell us more about that.

SRI: The very old paradigm of “power over” others can no longer deliver lasting solutions to the challenges facing individuals and nations. True Power is alignment with one’s Core Essence, the soul energy. This has nothing to do with physical mastery, yet it can be expressed through the physical.

True power is always loving, supportive, respectful and in service, for True Power wants no­thing from another! True Power is complete unto itself. We are at the point of evolution as a collective where the culmination of all our experiences, all our cycles of birth and rebirth are culminating into an opportunity for Re-Union. This is a birth of the evolution of the upliftment of Consciousness and must first begin with a recognition that we are all healers and able to be fully vital in our physical bodies.

The word Avesa is actually two words. Ave which means Hail, or glory to. Most people recognize this from the Ave Maria. The second word Sa, is Sanskrit for the Infinite Unknown. If you take a moment and simply exhale on the word Sa for as long as you can, you will immediately feel an energetic shift. When you put the two words together it literally means, Hail to the Infinite Unknown or Glory to God! 

Our physical bodies offer us immediate feedback on the state of our emotional, spiritual and mystical being-ness. We are at the time of the re-connection to methods of healing and upliftment that go beyond the traditional definitions and open our dormant soul memories for COMPLETE healing. We are truly honored that this ancient healing modality is again present on the planet, have already had many profound experiences personally, and from those who have shared them with us directly.

KIRA: In the early part of the first millennium BC, we see the first origins of the “Supreme Science”. It was termed supreme because where other sciences studied the external world, this process sought knowledge as the basis for all other studies.

The inspired seers of the time, or Rishis, analyzed their awareness of human experience to see if there was anything in it that could be found as absolute, and they did!
1.    There is an infinite, changeless reality beneath the world of change.
2.    This same reality lies at the core of every human personality.
3.    The purpose of life is to discover this reality experientially; that is to fully realize the Divine while here on Earth.

It’s important to recognize that these three statements embody the fullness of Avesa Quantum Healing Mastership. To receive or offer the gift of healing with the Universal Divine, you must re-member, claim and fully exist AS the Universal Divine.

The last time Avesa energy was available on this planet was during the late 1800’s. There were sages or gurus in the Himalayas living in caves, and others in Tibet who were able to work through these energies and bring them forward in a format that was kept very secretive because the vibrational level of the planet was not ready to receive them.

The information came forward to this planet through a lineage of most wondrous beings who held the vibrational energy. In the late 1800’s there was a small renaissance group using the energies actively and it was determined in conjunction with the Masters, that it would not be available again until after the millennium. (Y2K) This was primarily due to the technological manipulations and domination energies that were foreseen to escalate in the coming century, or the 1900’s.

When Sri and I were asked to be lineage bearers for this time, we were honored and realized that everyone who feels called to re-member this modality is a lineage bearer too. This is why many of those we have already taught feel an instant comfort with this process and deep soul recognition of its divine purpose at this time in history.

Your much anticipated book:  “2012: Quantum Leap, Living the Divine Galactic Blueprint”, is nearly completed. What is the story behind it?

SRI: We want to build upon the basic information shared in our recent book, “2012: You Have A Choice!” We provide readers with metaphysical information gained through the In-Soulment process, combined with lessons demonstrating how anyone can break free even with a 9-5 job, family, bills, etc. The book shares new information about our spiritual DNA, and the energy blueprint that Beings can use to re-unite with their Source. That is, the Divine Galactic Blueprint is truly a roadmap Home.

KIRA: Living with a presence and recognition of the Divine Galactic Blueprint for several years now has brought forth an entirely new level of appreciation and understanding for our world. The new book will further explore the levels of consciousness brought forth in “2012: You Have a Choice!” and broaden the scope of the four original soul groups. This book is a gift to those who would like to enjoy greater fullness of life now, even with all the obvious challenges around us.

What are your plans for the future; what else are you currently working on?

SRI: Our plans are always shifting and ever refining, so we let the Archangelic realm point the way. We are currently working on a documentary film entitled: “Angels or Armageddon”. It is our gift to the mainstream media as a recognition that the “masses” are already awake, experiencing multi-dimensional energy and are ready to embrace the freedom that comes from aligning with their authentic soul energy. Kira and I are fully committed to our global service and that includes a full speaking and workshop schedule.

KIRA: Life is a work in progress, is it not? In each moment we have the choice to be renewed, refreshed and ready to move forward in the presence of each other. What are my plans? To be present for anyone and everyone who is ready to make a clear choice as to how they wish to live. All choices are perfect and as the Archangelic realm reminds us so often, “It is only in your lack of a choice that pain appears.”

When we each stand firm in our choice without judging the choices of others, it is then that we are empowered creators and inspire others to trust their own choices. My future plans include witnessing a world that has made a positive choice and stands in the courage to live it.

I have witnessed many spontaneously cry as they melt into Kira’s hugs remembering simply that they are OK, and I have seen shifts occur in the staunchest skeptics as they experience the wisdom of the Archangelic realm. At this chaotic time on our planet, I am one skeptic who is thankful that beings like Sri and Kira are living a committed life in service to us all. They are indeed the real thing, and I thank them on behalf of all humanity for everything they continue to give.

Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa will be headlining The Conscious Life Expo in February 2007 (www.conscious­lifeexpo.com), and making appearances around the country. Visit: www.selfascension.com and click on the appearances button to see where you can attend one of their many workshop and lectures nationwide.

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