The Path of Trust 
By BrendaAnn Seay 


Trusting ourselves is a quality we develop as we grow.  Within each of us lies a higher power that contains all of our answers.  We can access this part of ourselves at any moment to know exactly what choice needs to be made. Our life is a series of choices, some major and some minor. We are constantly making choices, whether we are doing this consciously or not. 

Many of us have not been encouraged to think for ourselves. We have been conditioned to look outside ourselves for answers.  Some of us have always asked others what to do or what they think about things. 

Years ago I used to discuss many things with Betty, who was my Personal Coach at that time.  One time she said, “You have to learn to trust yourself, BrendaAnn.”  She had a way of saying things that would continue to play through my mind almost like a powerful symphony.  She gave me a wonderful gift with this message and is truly an Angel to me. So feedback from others is interesting and beneficial, yet there is nobody who knows what is best for us better than the wise part of ourselves. 

Whether you believe guidance comes from angels, enlightened masters, power animals, God, white light, your Higher Self, or all of the above, this divine wisdom is constantly available if we pay attention to it. Where it comes from is not as important as our being open to receive it.  Yet you will welcome it more easily if you trust that it comes from what feels right to you. 

We tend to distract ourselves with many things, so we may not be used to listening to our guidance.  We may have trouble recognizing what it a true answer and what isn’t.  Because we have free will to make our own choices, this guidance tends to be quiet and gentle.  We need to invite and welcome it into our awareness.  It is not necessarily a voice that we hear, and can come to us in many ways.  It may be a feeling, a vision, a smell, a taste, or an outside occurrence or encounter. Eventually with practice and experience it becomes an automatic response to follow our inner wisdom. 

Here are some suggestions to develop, access, and become more familiar with this wise power within us:  1.) Allow quiet time everyday to become aware of this gentle presence. Begin by taking a few deep breaths to relax your body and clear your mind.  Take as much time as you need. Some people want more time, yet even five minutes, on a regular basis, helps to train our minds to be receptive. 2.) Ask and welcome your higher power to be with you when you want it and then relax, be patient, and observe any response. 3.) Become aware of sensations in your body, such as feelings of tightness, or sensations of energy and inspiration. Your body can communicate many messages to you if your pay attention. 4.) Practice gratitude by thanking your guides for the message and congratulate yourself for listening. 

As we grow in awareness and begin to allow ourselves to follow the guidance we receive from our higher power, we become more confident because we have experienced the benefits of making better choices in our life.  We then learn to trust ourselves more and make choices that are in harmony with our true desires.  When I began to go ahead and make choices that seemed to come from a higher power, even if I wasn’t sure, I found that I was pleasantly surprised.  I became more and more confident to make choices in this manner and now I rarely hesitate. Now life flows with ease, joy, and grace. 

BrendaAnn Seay is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Speaker, Life Coach and Wedding Minister in Costa Mesa. She works with people by assisting them in attaining their true desires and creating harmony in their life. She also facilitates a weekly Course In Miracles group and can be reached at (714) 962-5344 or e-mail her at:

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