By Chuck Diliberto 


New World Music
I can honestly report that I have never been exposed to music that was specifically composed to celebrate the feminine and the Triple Goddess of druidic lore. Llewellyn furthers his journey into druidic lore by “documenting the trials and tests of one such druidic student, highlighting activities with some of the chant and vocals that may have played a part in such a test”. 

In most religions initiation upholds a dynamic role in the shaping of the initiate’s consciousness. Llewellyn uses this concept in the development of his musical compositions. The listener is privy to the initiate’s steps along the path. The music unfurls with haunting refrains, hinting at the power and awe of the symbiotic relationship of the moon and the earth. Llewellyn creates a spooky, eerie, misty soundscape that emanates from his key boards. This soundscape is intuitively heightened with the ethereal voices of Uilleann pipes, Irish whistles, guitars, piano, flutes, and Celtic skin drums.

 Llewellyn has the same sensibilities as Medwyn Goodall. They both enjoy exploring with music, Spiritual realms that fascinate and titillate their own soul’s vision. In “Moonlore,” Llewellyn not only explores, but transports us to the murky depths of a time in history that is shrouded in mystery and secrecy. The rise of paganism around the world harkens to a deeper problem. The religions of the world are either unable, or unwilling to encompass the myriad of beliefs and rituals that underlie purported pagan customs. This is a sad truth. With this reality in mind, Llewellyn has offered a musical bridge to the mysticism and emotion of the pagan culture. A seminal effort indeed. 

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Circle of Love 
Angel Earth

There are many ways in which to express our Spirituality. “Angel Earth” with Mark Watson on keyboards, and Michael Wise on vocals and guitars, have chosen a mixture of rock-n-roll and New Age sensibilities to express their soul’s vision. The underlying themes of brotherhood, love and peace permeate every composition. In an odd combination of “Jesus Christ Superstar” meets the Who’s rock opera “Tommy”, Watson and Wise covered a wide variety of Spiritual insights. 

Musically and lyrically, “Angel Earth” is using modern points of reference to explore their message. The music acts in much the same way as a soundtrack, expounding upon contemporary rhythms mixed with the personal sonic views of Watson and Wise to create a connective mood and atmosphere. Their feelings run the gamut from frivolous to sternly serious. Lyrically they deal with pointed observations of fear, optimistic ballads of love, and a general direction of well being and positivism. 

In a moment of vulnerability, “Circle of Love” allowed Watson and Wise to put their souls in plain view for all to see. It takes a lot of courage to allow people to see your frailties and imperfections. In Spirituality there is no judgment, in this light, “Angel Earth” has revealed a compassionate message, rising to a level of communication that is familiar, yet personal to the artist’s own vision. 

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 I Dream
Angel Earth
In “I Dream” Angel Earth’s second release, Michael Wise and Mark Watson seem confident in the niche they created in their first release “Circle of Love”. They showed a clearer view of their path, obviously buoyed by the success of their first CD. “Angel Earth” is defined “as the perfect reflection of the highest expression of Love through words, music and art, whose intention is the Ascension of Planet Earth. Through this foundation of deeper wisdom, Wise and Watson continue to explore and stretch the parameters of their collective creative consciousness. 

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Prayer for Peace
Various Artists
Silver Wave Records
Centuries of communing with Mother Earth, enduring the trials, and celebrating prosperity have culminated in the creation of “Prayer for Peace”. The Native American soul, in one of the more poignant musical compilations, shines with a brilliance that is both blinding and soothing. Simply stated, this is a collection for the ages. The full scope of emotional, psychological and Spiritual realities are explored and furthered here. 

Each song has an organic prescience, unforced, timeless, and restless. There is a provocative subtlety that entreats the listener to pay attention to invisible nuances. The nuances of the pauses between moments, moments of eternity pouring out through the notes of each instrument, moments of endless love streaming through ethereal vocal chanting. 

I can’t say enough about the majesty and awe that is instilled in each composition. There is a sensory overload of visual and transcendent stimuli bombarding the listener. A reverberation, without any pretense or bias, that leads directly to the divine core of existence. There is a haunting simplicity, powerful in its innocence, overwhelming in its selfless delivery, reaching into our hearts, tugging and nudging our souls to listen. We are welcomed to listen to the silence of being, to explore the outer reaches of consciousness, gently falling back into a heart full of love, only to continue the process again and again. “Prayer for Peace” is a vital collection of music, culture, and Spirituality. Check this one out. 

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When Angels Dream
Anton Mizerak and Friends
Anton Mizerak’s keyboard explorations have always been a mouthpiece for ethereal callings. His layered sound approach uniquely captures a feeling of floating, completely weightless, fearless and eternal. In this environment we are lulled into a transcendental sleep, occasionally nuzzled with the ringing of Tibetan bowls. Mizerak transports the listener deeper and deeper into dream space, allowing his keyboard textures to elevate our consciousness while the meditative bamboo flute playing of David Akash and Manose Singh nurtures the soul. Mizerak has created a musical soundscape that can only be described as “When Angels Dream”. 

This is truly an inspired work. The creativity and Spirituality of Anton Mizerak can not be separated from the music. The music breathes as a living entity, full of light and spontaneous movement. The listener should be prepared to leave behind their day-to-day routines and devote some quality time to sit back, relax, and become transparent. 

Mizerak has created meditative music for the restless soul. Mellow enough to calm the nerves, yet dynamic in its approach to reach deeper levels of understanding in the listener. Music being used once again as the universal communicative, stretching beyond the boundaries and limitations of human, open to all who choose to listen. “When Angels Dream” gives us all the opportunity to listen. Worth checking out. 

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Love is a Ghost
Scott Tang
Many people can sit down at a grand piano and play, few can reflect the intensity of emotion displayed by Scott Tang. Tang’s playing can be introspective, each note bursting with hidden meanings. He can also be moody with dark clouds forming and a tempest not far behind. There was also sadness, morose to the point of tears, followed by the distracted spacyness of melancholy. 

Throughout this range of emotions was the fine musicianship of Scott Tang. His melodies were pronounced with pauses, giving each note its own resonance and identity. Tang’s fingers caressed the keyboards, stroking his lover, waiting for the requited return. The return came in the form of sincere, heartfelt music. The music of a hopeless romantic, lost in a sea of nameless notes, searching for the right epiphany that will take him home. 

“Love is a Ghost” is a wonderful analogy for Scott Tang’s offering. His music aptly described his search for true love, the ups and downs, struggles and tribulations. Tang personifies the integrity of the artist and his Art, life as art and art as life. I trust he has found his true love, it’s his sensitive, emotive music. Interesting. 

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Chuck Diliberto is a resident of New York State. Having written for a hometown publication that covered local and national musicians, reviewing CDs is an extension of that experience. His main interests are spiritual in nature and right living in practice. 


By Maryel McKinley

Echoes of A Modern God
Dwain Briggs 
Merkaba Music
An outstanding compilation of Dwain Briggs’ best work. This magical, mystical, ethereal C.D. is among the best of all the new age artists I have ever heard. Dwain’s voice actually reaches the violet light level, a level of vibration which only a limited few in the world have been able to produce. His rendition of the Peace Prayer (St. Francis Prayer) is so inspirational it brings tears to one’s eyes, and “One God” is as healing as a glass of water in the dry desert. 

I’ve seen Dwain perform live many times, and he is refreshingly pure. Unlike some artists who have succumbed to the lure of the ego, Dwain Briggs is a humble man who walks the walk and touches all who come into contact with his music in a remarkable and memorable way. I listen to this C.D. every day, to start my day and highly recommend the same to all the readers of Awareness Magazine. 

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