Metaphysical Action: 
Implementing Business with Creator 
By Nova Hall


The old adage is that Business is Business; so get the heck out of my way. This says a lot about our society and our understanding/beliefs about work and success.  Why do we buy into this mode of thinking, especially when we try to live life by positive values?

Itís said that in Business, if youíre not a shark, then youíre just waiting to be eaten.  I disagree with this assertion on principle and through practice.  The other day, after I had a great massage by a friend of mine, I was speaking to her about an instance where I felt abused and mistreated by a large company.  I told her they had misled me and that I had known better the entire time.  I had wanted to believe them so much, and in my opinion, that was my problem. 

My initial anger was gone, but I still felt abused.  I explained this all to her, and she responded by repeating my acknowledgment that I had known better.  I had ignored my instinct, and had gotten bitten by a shark, she said.  That was all obvious to me, but she continued by adding that the majority of people conducting business out there in the world are sharks.  She has removed herself from that part of society for just that reason.  The message I took was to keep my eyes open and listen to my instinct. A reasonable response, I felt. 

Leaving for home though, the words she had said didnít sit well with me.  Why did I even have to follow my instinct, to detect deception? Canít I just trust, and know things will be ok? 

Clarity came later that night, when it occurred to me that positive intent and positive action should and do make a difference. By conducting business to the best of my ability, dealing with problems and questions as a compassionate person, I become closer to creator. Positive intent inspires those around you, in spite of the sharks. This creates true success, not just monetary success. 

The point is that positive actions, in spite of temptation, will always net the best results over time.  The momentary boost of sharking is replaced with a life and a business full of success, clarity, and happiness.  How much closer to creator can we hope to attain?

Nova Shakti Hall 
President, AHN Inc. 

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