The Heart of Love
Waiting for Love to Happen 
By Scott and Shannon Peck 


Are you waiting for love to happen to you? 

A female friend called to tell us how lonely she has been since she and her boyfriend broke up, a boyfriend she had hoped was the lovemate of her life.  She expressed grave concerns over her age, how time was slipping by, and felt she may never find the lovemate of her dreams. 

Imagine how many hearts are coping with this need right now. This vibrant, soulful, 30-years young woman was in a mode of longing, yearning, and unempowerment — waiting to feel better, waiting for another lovemate, waiting for the emptiness to go away. She was trapped in that inner state — so familiar to women — of living in waiting for her prince to come. 

We reminded her that she is not helpless when it comes to love, and in fact, far from it. Right now, within her grasp lies the immediate solution.  First of all, she has a “love choice”, on how she identifies herself each day. She can settle for lonely, separate-from-love identity or she can practice her highest “Love Identity” of being the full expression of living Love every moment — with friends and strangers — and live in the very heart of Love each moment. 

We often suggest to people looking for a lovemate to begin a Love journal. Not the same journal you might be using for daily journaling, but dedicated solely to your love expression. The goal of this journaling is to help you become love-conscious. As you journal each day how you expressed love to others — on the phone, down the hallway, at the bank, in the grocery line, on the freeway, in the parking lot, in meetings, — you begin to see that love is available and with you all the time. You can, at all times, access as much love as you want. 

In your Love journal, also record how others express love to you. The accumulation of this journaling has a tremendous healing effect, because it is being proven to your consciousness that love is, indeed, not only accessible, but a full, living reality in your daily life. This sends a strong counter to the negative thoughts about love-absence, and causes a shift to occur in your reality. This shift reveals a reality truer to Love itself. 

Because of your heightened awareness of seeing reality through the eyes of Love, you will rapidly find yourself becoming a far more loving person. This, of course, will attract many new people into your life. And guess what? They will most likely be people loving you at a higher level than you experienced before because you will be meeting everyone at a higher level of Love-consciousness.  You will walking in the consciousness and world of a Love-Master. 

Martin Luther King often reminded blacks that they needed to break the habit of waiting for someone else to make things better. He roused his audience from a position of subordination and unempowerment. He urged them to stop waiting for something out there to happen and, instead, to create the very condition they sought. Dr. King could have just as easily been talking to all the lonely, depressed hearts in the world, drooped in depression, hopelessness, and despair. 

Each of us deserves to be loved well — and to love others well! It is your spiritual right to create and experience a life of Love’s empowerment, fullness, joy, sharing and bonding with others, caring for others, and being deeply cared for. This is what each of us is meant to experience. Each of us! When we rise to this true Love state of our highest identity, we FEEL love and we become a healing presence for all humanity.  Welcome to the heart of Love! 

Copyright 2000 by Scott & Shannon Peck 

Scott & Shannon Peck are co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing all humanity into the heart of Love. This article is based on their weekend workshop “Becoming a LoveMaster: The Secrets of Creating Love“, their 6-cassette audio course, “All the Love You Could Ever Want”, and their book, “Liberating Your Magnificence: 25 Keys to Loving and Healing Yourself”.  Scott is also the author of “The Love You Deserve: 10 Keys to Perfect Love”. Shannon has been a spiritual coach and healer for 19 years. The Pecks are very popular speakers and media guests. For more information, please visit  or call TheLoveCenter at (800) 266-1525.

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