The Gift of a Lifetime 
By Nancy Brady



 Our infinite soul births itself in the world by accepting a physical body. The precious body we possess gives physical reality to our non-physical essence. Our body navigates for the soul as it interacts with the 3-dimensional world. Yet there is a much greater gift we receive from this material part of our being. 

Our body partners with the soul as a co-creator of life. Seldom recognized for its ability to communicate non-verbally, the body has its own language that is simple and direct. Our body shows us the healing that is needed by the soul along its journey. By quietly listening and observing our body, we can receive messages directly from our soul. 

The soul messages are available to us because the body acts as our subconscious mind revealing information from within. The mind is not limited to the brain; it exists throughout the entire body as a moving communication network. This network consists of chemicals produced in the cells from our thoughts and feelings. As we receive thought forms, a response is created that we know as a feeling. Linked together, a thought and feeling form a belief. Beliefs are true chemical and electromagnetic realities that are stored in and around our cells. 

We are what we think. Understanding that our beliefs create our reality is not a new concept. However, the depth of the influence of these thoughts and feelings has sometimes been underestimated. Our beliefs about our self and our life actually create our self and our life. We create our own experiences, yet much of the time itís from deep subconscious levels. 

Conscious and subconscious beliefs obtained through layers of soul experience are the directors of our circumstances. What we believe on every level influences our actions and health. Some beliefs are with us to resolve and heal as part of our soul purpose, and others are taken on for protection in this life. Supportive beliefs enhance our life, while un-supportive beliefs may not. In all cases, a belief can be held simultaneously in any part of the body. In this way thoughts and feelings, or beliefs, continue to affect us. They donít end when the thought leaves our conscious mind. They stay in our body working toward resolution as dutiful reminders of an imbalance attempting to heal. 

The body eloquently plays back our thoughts and feelings to orchestrate a solution for healing. This feedback system that moves through our body gives us information about areas in which we are ready to grow. One way this inner knowledge comes to us is in the form of our emotions. Emotions are energy in motion, or feelings in motion. When we let them complete their cycle of movement they will resolve the original belief they are connected with, and create a clearing for the soul. 

Sometimes unpleasant beliefs are held so deeply in the body that pain develops. Pain is not our enemy, but another communication from the soul that is choosing to find its natural balance. The body is not meant to be a battlefield. The bodyís chemicals are doing their job based on their original input. They simply respond to direction and replay their message in pursuit of healing. It may be that nature is nudging us to change old patterns of thinking, ďIím not; I canít; I hateĒ. We can remove this old reasoning at the cell level and create new experiences for ourselves. There may be challenges along the way, but when we listen there are never failures. With our body showing us the direction, there is only learning on the path of healing. 

Our body is a vehicle of experience for our soul. It is a place for communication to occur as it brings forth unseen inner messages. Listening to the body and heeding its communication will facilitate healing of our whole self. One of the finest gifts our body gives us is revelation of the greatness of our soul. It is up to us to accept the gift.

Nancy Brady, as a practitioner and instructor of DNA & Theta Healing, uses techniques to identify and shift beliefs on a cellular level. Nancy is also a Certified SHEN Practitioner and Spiritual Intuitive and can be reached at (949) 487-1551.

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