Overcoming an Energy
Depleting House 
By Jenny Liu 


“My husband is Caucasian and a non-believer, but he’s going to do this because he’s feeling quite desperate.”  This is what a recent client Nicole (name changed for privacy) told me when she first contacted me to do the feng shui of her home. Nicole is mixed with Asian blood and has an innate interest in Asian culture.  She has been reading many books on feng shui lately trying to figure out what is causing her family to struggle financially and physically. Her husband is a successful lawyer who makes a formidable income, but somehow, it is not enough for the two of them and their only child. 

Arriving at their house, I can see why.  It was not too hard to see that this house is simply too large for them and literally eating them alive.  The three of them live in a 5-bedroom, 6500 square-foot custom home located up in the Hollywood hills.  When a house has too much space (also known as yin energy) for people (also known as yang energy) to fill, there is an imbalance of yin-yang energy. The house overcomes the family and begins to drain their energy.  It is basic for the house size to match the number of residents. 

The house is impressive with a high ceiling foyer, a large skylight, and an incredible panoramic view of the city below from the back and side of the house. It sits on a hill where as you are facing the house, the right-hand side is higher than the left-hand side.  The higher right hand side represents income which is counter balanced with poor health represented by the lower left hand side. The sloping away of the land in the back indicates loss of energy or income. The house is on a Southwest/Northeast axis. This does not match Nicole who is born under the Eastern Direction Pattern. It does match her husband and child who are both born under the Western Direction Pattern. 

Nicole has always had weak kidneys. Living in a house that sits Northeast and faces Southwest is completely contrary to her own energies. The Northeast energies are related to the kidneys and reproductive system. I explained that she might be susceptible to problems in these areas especially if they are already weak.  Not only were her kidneys already weak, but being born in the year of the sheep, the last two years have been extremely tremulous making her even more vulnerable to negative energies. Furthermore, if there is a water element at the Northeast which is associated to the earth element, these conflicting energies can also compound negative effects. I explained that in similar cases, when the occupant does not match their house, they tend to undergo great calamity. If it is not lawsuit, bankruptcy or robbery, then it is a car accident, illness or surgery. 

Her eyes widened with shock, she points out that there is a swimming pool at the back.  In the last two years she has lived here, life has been extremely challenging. She had been diagnosed with a kidney tumor and been searching for a kidney donor.  Only last year did she have a successful transplant. The reason they had built such a large house was because they planned to have three children.  After the surgery, she can no longer have children.  She is grateful for her only child. 

Walking around the house, I noticed that almost all the perimeter walls had full-height windows.  There are also numerous skylights. This house is too open and cannot contain energy.  This is a classic example of a house that is vulnerable to energy loss or unexpected expenses where money comes and goes.  Nicole shook her head and sighed.  She couldn’t believe how her life story was so encoded in her house. 

Entering the Southeast master bedroom, the first thing I see is a large fireplace where her wedding portraits are hanging over the mantle. The fire-place represents fire energy and placing wedding photos over it is symbolic of burning their marriage.  This often causes much confrontation and self-destruction between couples.  She quickly took down the photos. 

This room does not match her husband, Todd.  Sleeping in the Southeast room conflicts with his liver energy.  When his liver energies are weak, he is prone to poor detoxification and bad digestion. He will easily have heated temper tantrums and suffer exhaustion.  Sleeping here, Todd will feel out of control and may fall to adultery.  She gasped, “Jenny, it is a miracle that my husband and I are not divorced.”  Nicole also tells me that it was true her husband had recently been diagnosed with liver problems.  I recommended for him to sleep in the west bedroom for the time being. 

Being born in the year of the Ox, Todd was also very unstable and vulnerable to trouble last year. I could only image what they had to go through with both of them being in a low cycle in the past year.  I recommended that in the future, it is vital to find a house that matches both of them. It is important for both of them to be strong.  As we can all see from their case, an imbalance of energies between a couple can weaken one and ultimately pull down the other. 

For the time being, I made many recommendations to adjust the feng shui of their existing home and Todd’s work place as well. Nicole tried her best to implement most of the recommendations. Several months later, Nicole called me rather excited and explained that Todd’s business has taken off incredibly since the consultation. Even she has begun her own side business and things are going well. She was calling to do the feng shui for her new office. With the increased income, it looks like they were able to stay in their house for the time being and take their time in looking for a better home.  It has been two years later and Nicole has done her feng shui readjustments every year. She tells me that she would never have dreamt possible the positive changes in her family’s lifestyle. 

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Master’s Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who also shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the Internet. Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For more information see www.liu-fengshui.com  or call her at (909) 860-0633.

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