Doreen Virtue says,  
“ You Have a Date  With an Angel!”
By Kay Walburger 


Doreen Virtue answered the phone and I introduced myself as the Awareness Magazine writer assigned to interview her for our Angel issue. I remarked that I felt this was a ‘Date with Destiny.’ 

Doreen had just presented an Angel Workshop at my church which I had been unable to attend. Within one week of her class, I met a woman who told me enthusiastically that her angel had connected us! She explained that she had just attended Doreen’s class and had asked her angel to connect her with a person who could help with public relations for her dance company. 

A week later I met another woman at my church who was a first-time visitor. We talked for a while and you guessed it, she said her angels had connected us. She, too, was at Doreen’s class and that morning her Angel told her to get up and go to the 9:00 a.m. service at church, to meet me as it turned out. Within that same week, Darby Davis, Editor of Awareness Magazine, called to assign me the Doreen Virtue interview. How’s that for coincidence? Fate? Providence? Synchronicity? 

By now this is very commonplace for Doreen, but it was a bit ‘whoo whoo’ for me. Therefore, I was expectant of some wonderful revelations! The interview alone met my expectations and was a dream come true for a writer, as Doreen is forthcoming with wonderful stories and anecdotes regarding her life and years of experience with angels. I could feel the story writing itself. I was very inspired as a writer, but also personally. 

The interview was officially over when I surprised myself and asked if I could ask just one personal question. She said yes, so I told her I had written a book that was so unique I was afraid to talk about it until I could legally protect it. I had two major fears. First someone would steal my idea or a publisher would over commercialize it and lose its spiritual quality. What was her advice? Doreen said “Ask the Archangel Gabriel to help you. Gabriel is the Angel of writers and people in your profession. Gabriel will help you and doors will open!” Then she was gone. 

For some time I sat there quietly sobbing. My eyes were closed but I could see a smoke-like cloud lifting up out of me and rising above my head, then dissipating. It had a heaviness about it, and as it left I was feeling lighter and profoundly peaceful. How does one address the Archangel Gabriel? Does one start at the top or do you work your way up to Archangels? I was remembering all the things Doreen told me about Angels and how willing they are to help us mortals. I was feeling a little perplexed, nevertheless I was delighted with our conversation. 

During the next two days the words she spoke to me would echo in my mind, and my thoughts began to turn more and more to Angels. I had always believed in Angels. I clearly remember my mother telling me as a young child that I had a Guardian Angel who was watching over me day and night. That had always comforted me as a child. I have loved Angel stories all my life. “The Littlest Angel” was a childhood favorite. Michael Landon’s “Highway to Heaven” and now Della Reese’s “Touched by An Angel” have been favorites of many. 

There is something wonderful about Angels! We spend so much of our time trying to look good, be good, and behave in attractive ways that influence people to like us or do what we ask of them. We try to hold our tempers, we speak respectfully, and we become overachievers to impress others and ourselves of our worthiness. Some of us have “our looking-good act” really together but still we feel like imposters!

 As I thought about talking to my Angel, I realized I had nothing to hide! Imagine that! They know all my deepest darkest secrets. They know all my pain and suffering. They know my dreams, and my longings for love and appreciation. They know ALL and are filled with such Divine compassion they are able to love me unconditionally. They still want to help and give me Divine support. Here words fail me! How do you explain ‘love’ that awesome! To ‘wake up’ and realize we are loved like that all the time is amazing! It is life changing! It has changed my life.

 I asked myself “Why have I never accepted and owned this blessing before now?” The answer came back to me, “I was saving calling on my Angels for some major disaster like floods or famine!” Who knew you could ask for help for anything and everything?” Doreen said you could ask for anything, even trivial things like parking places. Whether life and death, or small favors, Angels want to free you up so you will have more time to work on your life’s mission. 

I had planned to write a different story but in one short week my life has been so transformed I realized I had to tell you. I respectfully asked Gabriel to help me and doors have started to open up for me in ways I could not have even imagined. One wonderful way was Doreen’s newest book, “Divine Prescriptions” which arrived for me to review and it answered so many of my questions. This may look like our story, but it’s not! This is your story if you accept your Date with your Angels. 

“80% of Americans believe in Angels, according to The Gallup Poll”, reminds Doreen Virtue. She is a spiritual and clairvoyant Psychologist who holds BA, MA, and Ph.D. Degrees in Psychology. Dr. Virtue is the author of 22 books and currently in demand for lectures, TV & Radio talk shows and experiential workshops on spiritual psychology issues worldwide. You may have seen her on Oprah, CNN, GMA, Barbara Walters, or read about her in Redbook, Woman’s Day, and USA Today. 

“The New Millennium has set off an interest in all things spiritual and renewed a worldwide interest in Angels because many people have found that materialism is not as satisfying as they once believed,” commented Doreen. “Today people are experiencing deep personal and spiritual crises. This list includes addictions, abuse, poor health, loneliness, troublesome exes, waning passion, lack of intimacy, aging parents, depressed children, sibling rivalry, career, business and finances.” 

“Human knowledge and scientific wisdom is not enough anymore. I discovered that in my own practice,” continues Doreen. “That is how my practice evolved into “Angel Therapy”. Angels are loved and accepted worldwide by almost every culture, religion and very highly among college-educated adults. 

More than 300 studies have been published in the last 10 years attempting to explain the powerful effects of prayer. What researchers have discovered is that people who are prayed for, regardless of religious beliefs, heal faster and even live longer. 75% of Americans believe in miracles. While long considered a placebo by the scientific community, new research verifies what many people have believed in for centuries — prayer heals. 

Prestigious universities such as Harvard and San Francisco General Hospital, find prayer has measurable effect on health and happiness and increases recovery rates for surgical patients.” 

“Perhaps you are wondering how a Doctor of Psychology, a pragmatic healer, with traditional training and a clinical background, comes to work with Angels and heavenly prescriptions. The fact is I never expected to be an advocate for the angelic realm. There was a time I would have diagnosed anyone talking to and seeing visions, or hearing voices, as schizophrenic. How ironic that today I teach other people how to communicate with the Divine realm and “hear” angelic voices for themselves.” 

“Like a lot of children, I had invisible friends when I was a young girl. I was similar to the boy in the movie, The Sixth Sense. I could see beings that were trying to communicate from beyond. This was not easy because I didn’t understand my gift and no one I knew could understand it either. This became difficult because I was teased and very misunderstood. I grew up in a Christian home but my parents didn’t know how to help me. I went into a spiritual closet and tried to act normal. Eventually I turned my back on my gifts, and they seemed to go away for the most part.” 

“I wanted to help people so I studied Psychology, earned my Ph.D. and became a specialist in eating disorders and relationships. I wrote several best-selling books on the subjects, appeared on Phil Donahue and other talk shows. I was a respected member of the scientific community and a financial success. Then my Angels kept reminding me that I was here to teach other people about Angels and how to access the help they longed for. I kept arguing that I would be laughed at and discredited by my profession and ultimately lose everything I had worked so hard to achieve.” 

“Angels never give up. They even tried to warn me of an impending danger and I blithely said ‘OK, just protect me!’ That very day I nearly lost my life in a carjacking by two desperate men. One had a knife and the other a gun. They grabbed me and went after my car keys. My Angel said to me in a loud voice, ‘Scream as loud as you can!’ A woman in a car across the street heard me and honked her horn; people came running out of the buildings and the two men ran off. The police told me that day I was the third carjacking by the same two men and I was lucky to escape unharmed.” 

“OK! I’ll do my Angel work, just show me what to do! I was so grateful to be alive and have such loving beings hovering over to help me. I wanted to share this blessing with everyone! My gifts of being a clairvoyant and medium returned to me. One day in a session, I was at a loss to help a woman patient. Her Angels asked to assist so I asked if she would accept help from her Angels. I told her because of free will they could not help unless you ask for help from them directly, or pray for Divine help from God. The woman said “yes” and was amazed as she received immediate help. The word soon spread about my “Angel Therapy” and more and more people came for help. All my fears about losing credibility never happened and my books on these subjects are very successful. I love traveling the world teaching people to receive help if they choose it, and most do.” 

In closing, I asked Doreen, “Is there anything you want to say to Awareness readers?” 

“Yes, the Angels want me to tell your readers they have a date with their own Angels. There is a heavenly host of Angels, from guardian angels, winged ones, archangels, departed loved ones, and ascended masters with comfort, miracles, and prescriptions waiting for your readers’ asking. Because of free will, they must wait for you to invite them directly or to pray to God to send help.” 

For more information about Doreen Virtue’s books, tapes or schedule, contact Steve Allen at A Wing & A Prayer Productions, (661) 255-8283, or check out her website at 

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