Achieving Your Perfect Weight . . . 
The Mind, Body, Emotion Connection
An Introduction To Understanding How Our Bodies Work 
By Dale Sutton, B.L.H.P. 



Over the past 20 years I have watched as the “slim wins” mentality has taken America by storm. It saddens me to see people getting heavier and heavier; the desperation to diet at any cost to their health, all to fit the fictitious Hollywood image presented to us, in order to feel acceptable and good about ourselves. 

Several years ago, as I began seeing clients with weight problems, I became aware of how little people knew about their bodies, their minds, and how they were inter-connected. People didn’t understand the difference between consuming living foods versus dead foods or between beneficial fats versus non-beneficial fats, or how to combine foods correctly for proper digestion and assimilation. They didn’t realize the damage they were doing to their bodies by eating artificial sweeteners, chemical additives or over-processed foods. 

Our bodies are living organisms, made up of the elements of the Earth. Therefore, our bodies only recognize natural foods. Foods that are not natural are not recognized by the body as food; thus give the body great difficulty in processing and eliminating them. Anything eaten that the body cannot eliminate is stored within the body as fat. Generally most people have no idea what happens within the body after food is eaten, or how their conscious and subconscious mind, or their emotions, play a major role in how the body utilizes their food and beverages. 

I discovered by using Applied Kinesiology, a form of muscle response testing using the person’s arm and applying about four to six pounds of pressure while making statements to the body, I could actually communicate with the body at a cellular and subconscious level to discover the reason it is carrying extra weight. The body will actually tell us what its perfect weight should be and what needs to be done to achieve it. The body will also tell us what foods and beverages are perfect for our body type. It will tell us what type of exercise and rest it wants, and how much. It will also tell us whether or not we have a congested lymphatic system, colon or liver. Any congestion in these areas is indicative that our body is not eliminating wastes and toxic material efficiently or correctly. 

Emotions play a very important role when it comes to our body image, and whether we will be successful at attaining the image we choose. The body is very aware of what the mind thinks of it. It stores all emotions at a cellular level. Every time we look in the mirror and are not happy with what we see, the body feels threatened and unloved. A body that is not loved hangs on to everything for protection. Dieting equates to starvation, and again the body feels unloved, threatened, and hangs on to everything we eat, not knowing when it will be fed again. When we diet there is actually a war going on within us between the mind and the body. Learning what the body feels and what it needs to feel loved and nurtured, then correcting the issues, will very quickly change the old programming. Once the body learns it can trust you, it will relax and discarding the excess weight begins very rapidly. 

Mind programming also plays an important role in weight loss. For example: What happens when you lose your wallet or your car keys? If you are like most of us, there is great panic until the missing item has been found. Likewise, when we proudly announce to our family and friends that we have lost 10 pounds, we are also telling our mind and body that it has lost something. Usually the body immediately wants to eat everything in sight until the 10 pounds, or more, have been found again. This is why many fad diets may work well in the beginning but then fail to maintain the initial results. 

When on a weight management program I suggest that you plan to discard, not lose, the extra pounds. Our minds are usually very judgmental of our bodies. I have never met anyone who is completely happy with their appearance; everyone would like to change something about themselves. Determining the right program for our perfect weight, accepting ourselves, loving ourselves, feeling and being happy with ourselves just the way we are, is the first step to creating a body that feels safe and loved. A body that will work with the mind, free of negative emotions, to achieve its perfect weight, is within the realm of everyone’s capabilities. Follow the program your body wants and the results will speak for themselves. 

Ms. Dale Sutton is the founder of The Balanced Living Foundation in Escondido, CA. She is an Herbalist, Nutritionist, Balanced Living Health Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher and Minister. Her classes include, Weight Management — The Mind, Body, Emotional Connection; Reiki I, II and III; Complete Cellular Soul Memory Clearing, and Balanced Living Healing Arts 101 through 104. Balanced Living uses a proven non-invasive system to FIND the CAUSE of mental, physical, emotional and structural “disease”, then CORRECTS the CAUSE. In addition to personal consultations, workshops are open to anyone. Information brochures are available. Dale can be reached at (760) 746-1307 or by e-mail at .

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