May & June issue of Awareness Magazine : Linda & charlie Bloom blossoming into Right Relationship : John Bdalament Becoming A Better Dad

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By Sandy and Kirk Moore


Q: What would you say is the primary philosophy of your teachings?
          Richard, Mission Viejo

A: We teach that there is a divine power in the universe we call God, and we recognize there are many names for this power: Spirit, Nature, Creator. We, as human beings, are each a unique, divine expression of that power. God is love and we are here to express that love. As we live in this Truth, we are here to reveal our highest potential expressing the greatest good we possess. We take responsibility for our thoughts, actions and challenges. We are here to learn through the obstacles we face and to rise above any adverse situation. In essence, we create our life experience through our thoughts, our actions and our responses to the conditions we experience. We learn from those situations that block us from our highest good.

Q: Do you believe that Heaven is a place that you go after you die?
          Shelby, San Clemente

A: We believe that Heaven is a state of happiness; heaven is within us and it revolves about us and expresses through us. The Kingdom of Heaven is unformed, unlimited, unconditioned Energy it is a real state of being. We do not make it real, for it is eternal reality. As we abide in the Father/Mother/God and It abides in us, in harmony, in power, in peace, in wisdom; and our thought is friendly, happy, confident and open, our Kingdom of Heaven is a good place in which to live. By extending Kindness to others and Forgiveness to ourselves, we may abide in a state of Heavenly Being, NOW.

ASK Revs. Sandy & Kirk through our website,, or email to A Licensed Practitioner may respond to your prayer request. We are dedicated to A World That Works for Everyone Through Divine Love In Action and look forward to your visiting us at 25782 Obrero Drive, Unit D, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 when you are in the area; or send us a letter, an email, or give us a call. Sunday Service is at 10:00am.