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By Lyda Whiting


Written by Patrice Karst, illustrated by Geoff Stevenson
When twins Jeremy and Lisa wake up scared by a storm, their mom comforts them and tells them that she is always with them, even when they are in bed and she is in another room. When they ask how, Mom tells them about the invisible string made of love that connects her to them. They can tug on the string and know that Mom loves them, even when they are in school.

The twins ask “what if”...what if I was in a submarine, what if I was climbing a mountain, or exploring a jungle, what if I was in outer space? Mom says it doesn’t matter how far away they are. Jeremy wonders if the invisible string can even connect him to Uncle Brian in heaven, and Mom says yes, it does. The twins realize they are always connected by the invisible string of love to everyone they love. As they fall asleep, they know that they are never alone.

This charming book, with sim-ple words and endearing illustrations, captures the love between a parent and child, brother and sister, and all loved ones. It provides a wonderful way to remind a child that they are always connected, even when they are away from home. Parents can add examples from the child’s own life to the ones from the book, making this a great way for children understand how much they are loved.

Highly recommended for ages three to six.

Published by DeVorss & Company, this book is available at your local bookstore.

Written and illustrated by Maria Bowling L.Ac. and Bill Austin

A child opening this book falls into a world of saturated color, where baby blue butterflies fly around colorful mandalas, delightful dolphins dance under disco balls, and emerald green elephants eat eggs.

Children just learning their letters will giggle at the green giraffe, and early readers will laugh at lime green leaping lizards. Each letter has a page full of playful words and images, all suffused with rich color. Children will want to try their hand at drawing their own windsurfing whales and zany zebras, and even creating their own colorful mandalas.

This is a fun book for parents and teachers to share with young children. Children will learn some new color names as well as their alphabet. Adults should be prepared to explain a few unfamiliar words, such as mandalas, (spherical symbols of completion used in healing and meditation, according to the authors’ definition at the beginning of the book) and yantras (geometric diagrams used in meditation, which the authors do not define). But most of the words are familiar, sometimes used in tongue-tripping length, and always creating a lively image, which the illustrations take even farther.

Recommended for ages two to five.

Published by the authors, this book is available at your local bookstore.

Created by Pamela Pedder

Joy loves dinosaurs and wants to write a book about them some day. Her friends encourage her to go on an adventure to meet a paleontologist and learn about fossils. Joy learns a lot about fossils and paleontology, but when she tries to find a fossil herself, she gets discouraged and wants to give up. That’s when her friends come to her rescue, to remind her to “stop, breathe, and smile” so she can have fun digging for fossils. Joy finds a fossil, and more importantly, she discovers that she can do anything when she believes she can.

This DVD introduces the four Wiz Kids who live in the magical Whimsical Woods and travel through the Pool of Possibility to go on adventures in the human world. But they have to be on the lookout for The Can’ts, two pessimistic puppets who tell them they can’t do anything and that they should give up and stop trying.

This whimsical video is full of magic, music, and fun. Children will enjoy the upbeat songs and join in the fun dances. They will learn what a paleontologist does, while learning to leap into their dreams. The messages are positive and joyful; children will learn that anything is possible and that each of us has their own magic and power.

Recommended for ages three to six.

Produced by Espavo Productions LLC, this DVD is available at your local video store.