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The Power of Thought

By Janet Richmond


The Thought Form Body is an invisible body containing realities that have been created through every thought generated by any individual at any point in time. Within this energy field dwells many different ‘yous.’ There is the ‘you,’ for example, who lives as an actual energy identity who is poor, with no money. This ‘you’ in a state of financial lack lives as an altered reality that actually seeks to reinforce and empower itself. This then, quite outside of your conscious thought process, allows that altered reality to continue to grow and manifest its power and authority over you in the physical form in the physical reality.  

Imagine what it would be like to hold onto every thought you have ever had from the first moment you were born as an energy identity that did not disappear but hung out in an energy field surrounding you. Imagine that this thought energy had some magnetic qualities so every type of thought you ever had drew all other similar thoughts to it, like magnets with the same polarity. Then imagine that all of these thoughts created actual altered realities in the space around you. In fact, this is what occurs.

To illustrate, let’s begin with an example of how thoughts create altered realities.

Perhaps you are someone who has focused on your weight throughout your life. Maybe as a child, you went through a chubby stage when your mother would suggest that you refrain from a second helping. At first you paid it no mind, but then your consciousness took it in. You came to realize that you were bigger than most friends your age. You found yourself getting teased in school about weight.

Thoughts about your weight continued into adulthood building thought forms such as “I’m too fat,” “I eat too much,” “I’m a failure at losing weight,” and/or “I’m worthless because I’m fat.” All of these thought forms then create an altered reality of the ‘you’ struggling with your weight.  

Thoughts of every type have created infinite altered realities. They come in all sizes depending on the degree of thought put into them. As the Higher Selves stated in the above quote, the invisible energy field around us, the place where these positive and negative energy identities call home, is the Thought Form Body.

It contains all the thoughts of joy, fear, love, hate, hurt, illness, wealth, poverty, and ideas of the self, others, relationships, work, play, and on and on. These thoughts magnetically attract similar thoughts from many sources, including other people, thereby building and strengthening all of our altered realities.

Thought forms are soulless and mindless, yet they carry this power of magnetic attraction that works 24/7. This is not a conscious act any more than an actual magnet consciously attracts. So what is the result of all this attraction?

The result of magnetic attraction is that the altered realities continue to build in strength until they are strong enough to manifest outward into our physical reality. In fact, their sole purpose is to manifest. It is our altered realities that create our outer physical expression or, in other words, our lives.

The Law of Magnetic Attraction Clarified
There needs to be more than positive thought to create real change in your life. Of course, there are people who have changed their thoughts from negative to positive, who have brought more good into their lives than before. But what does it mean for those of us who didn’t find success by thinking positively, yet worked as hard or harder than the others?

What about those who had achieved results but didn’t recognize that what they got was either the exact right result (even if unexpected) or that it was only the first step in a process that would lead them to the final goal? What about the patterns that keep recurring in life despite efforts to change them? Or the emotional upheavals that make us behave in ways we’re not proud of?

There are two concepts missing that need to be explained. The first one is that a positive thought does not negate or replace a negative thought. It only empowers the positive energy identities while negative ones remain in place continuing to attract negative situations, conditions and people into our lives. Because we harbor much more of the negative, the positives we empower through our thoughts are still extremely weak compared to the powerful negatives.

The second concept is that even if you never think a negative thought again, it doesn’t mean that the negative altered realities go away. Once created, the thought energy exists forever. Leaving those negative-altered realities in place is what makes it so difficult for us to change. When the altered realities are positive, we are helping ourselves. When they are negative, we need to find a way to undo their power. The simple answer is to neutralize the negative energies in order to render them incapable of magnetically attracting anything that could hurt us.  Neutralizing is the key to change.

Janet Richmond is the author of “The Higher Self Voice on Choices” and a personal coach on the Higher Self Voice. Her own life is a testament to the amazing changes everyone is capable of bringing into their own lives. For more information or to purchase her new book, please visit: