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Letting Go of Expectations
Opening the Doorway to Love

By Kathleen Downey, C.S.C., Shamanic Counselor/Past-Life Therapist


Our ability to love and be loved, to overcome illness, and manifest our dreams is often undermined by our emotional self that holds onto expectations born of experiences with loss. Our subconscious expectations determine what will happen in our lives in every category. These expectations of loss are often an energy we carry with us from as early as in the womb, those experiences influenced by past-lives.

When we reincarnate, we choose our parents because they are a familiar energy. Otherwise we would be willing to take a step into the unknown from the very onset of life, but that is not our purpose in re-incarnating. We choose to heal the energy we left on earth with others and ourselves when we come back to the physical body. Why do we always seem to end up with a mate in life who is just like Mom or Dad? Because we are meant to learn who they are on a soul level and what our long term relationship is with them. Learning what roles we have played out in our soulís history together, our most pertinent Past-Life helps us to forgive and love unconditionally.

What I have discovered in the past seventeen years as a Shamanic Counselor and Past-Life Therapist, by utilizing the ancient practice of Soul Retrieval, is that many of us experience our first losses in the womb and what we experience here becomes a template for the rest of our lifetime. During our stay in the womb we receive all our nourishment from our mother, she therefore becomes a primary focus. Aside from taking the nourishment we need from our mother we also take on the emotional life of our mother. In so doing we can give up our autonomy to support her emotional needs.

Along with choosing to support the emotional needs of the mother I have found a large percentage of us have experienced another trauma in the womb that sets us up with an expectation of loss for the rest of our lives, the lost womb twin. The spirit of the body of the early-stage embryo can partially hold onto the twin who survives and is partially reabsorbed into the mother during the first trimester of the pregnancy. In these early stages of her pregnancy the mother is generally unaware of the presence of twins. Science has only recently had instrumentation that allows hearing two heartbeats in the first stages of pregnancy.

Had it survived, this twin would have been an ally... someone who would have kept us occupied so that we would not be quite so close to the mother. However, this is also someone who needs nourishment from the mother and so a competition or struggle for that nourishment both physically and emotionally might ensue, which may mean the womb twin survivor will be competitive as if life depends on it. The ability to supply both physical nourishment and emotional support to the twins sheís carrying depends highly on the level of support the mother receives from the father.

In my experience the womb twin loss generally occurs by the end of the first trimester. This is the most significant loss weíll experience. This original loss sets us up with expectations for more of the same. The dynamic is significant to both the mother and surviving child for both may experience a sense of loss and grieving. For the spirit it means the continued manifestation of loss in all avenues of life. Past-Life Therapy allows us to change this energy of expectation.

There is always a significant past to look at between Mother, womb twin survivor and lost twin. The relationship in the past may be different, roles change as do genders but all three will have had a significant experience together to understand and heal in order to stop the expectation for loss, create healthy behavior patterns, and learn to peacefully share space with others in our lives and on our planet.

As an example, a woman came to me with an issue of feeling stuck in her life;
her mother was passing on and she admitted to feeling resentful of her husband. Her husbandís affection and supportiveness, something that should have made her happy, bothered her as she was suspicious of it. Through Soul Retrieval I found my client had taken on her motherís emotional issues and role-playing in relationship. Her mother had a very jealous husband who needed to know every move she made because she was beautiful and he was suspicious of her fidelity. My client associated her husbandís interest in her life with her fatherís mistrust of her mother.

When my client was three years old she lost a kidney, which indicates energy brought in from a past-life. The kidney system energies are the inherited energies that unite past, present and future. The kidney system also has a psychological vulnerability to fear, which leads to repression of feeling and frozen will.

We discovered her younger brother had been her womb twin whose spirit she had pushed away in order to be closer to her mother. He was born nine years later. When he was three years old she didnít answer his call for help while falling out of a second-story window. Through Past-life Therapy we discovered that her brother, who was an older brother in a Past-Life, had buried her alive. He was acting in accordance with the rules of a Middle Eastern desert tribe.

In the present life she admitted to having a profound dislike of her brother without any reason from very early childhood, however her unresponsiveness to him in his time of need ultimately caused her to be re-moved from the family and to be raised by an aunt while her brother required constant care for twelve years. Through our work we released both her guilt and fear and motherís emotional issues by recognizing that her mother was forced to sneak out of the house without her husbandís knowledge in order to accomplish anything and left her children unattended.

Through this work my client became receptive to her husbandís supportiveness. When she released her anger for her brother, the karma between them was finished. Through this healing she learned of a dormant gift in art and cultivated it. Very quickly her gift blossomed into a career. She had her first successful show within a year.

Kathleen Downey can be seen for private sessions in Solana Beach and Marin County, CA. For appointments call (858) 401-3144. Or visit:
©2010 Kathleen Downey