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2012: Is Humanity Ready for Sacred Partnership?

By Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Angelic Oracle Kira Raa


Humanity is at the dawn of the new Horizon! Collectively, we have entered into a new relationship with ourselves, with each other, and with the Universe. We are at the time when all of humanity is in the process of reunification in final preparation for the leap in consciousness that is upon us, now.

Many are being called to new interactions with those they love. Recognize that Partnership is the quantum leap of energy within this New Era, not traditional relationship. Traditional relationships are becoming ever more challenging. The energies that are upon us now will continue to steadily disintegrate the energy that is clinging to older paradigms. Simply put:

Relationship =
Me in relation to You
Partnership = Us

Sacred Partnership is the new paradigm for individuals, couples, and indeed, all of humanity as we interact with each other. While this may not seem new to you in concept, go beyond your physical mind and enter the realm of knowing yourself beyond your body, of recognizing the love that you are. We all know through years of experience that the Me in relation to You paradigm, embodies judgment and inherent mistrust. These energies inhibit true union.

Opening your heart and realizing that your own energetic realignment with the universal flow, usually means at some point you have undergone serious “relationship failure” by the standards of the old paradigm. Congratulations. This is how we learn.

This experience of relationship is not just limited to our intimate interactions. Humanity is in relationship with Gaia and all the sentient beings who inhabit her. Together we are collectively moving ourselves back into partnership with the universal energy of oneness, and this transcends all paradigms and traditional models.

Of course there is also the intimate overlay at work here as well. Take heart in knowing that untold numbers of couples who have tolerated complacency for years are rapidly separating due to the need for one or both to realign with vibrationally-compatible partners. Many more are simply refusing to enter into relationship at all, knowing that interactions with any who are not energetically aligned are futile.

From Sacred Union:
The Journey Home

“What most people refer to as a Soul Mate, is actually a Karmic Mate. This relationship is characterized by a magnetic attraction and perhaps a sense of resolution. The Sacred Union, on the other hand, is characterized by a sense of completion. It has never happened before so the feelings and perceptions may be unlike anything you have ever experienced.”

In the past, we fell in love with someone because of the inner excitement of having found a partner for karmic completion. The magnetism of the karmic imperative brought us together. Since the energetic release of the millennium, people are being called to find their true energetic alignments at the soul level. These partnerships bring people together for their mutual expansion and reunion of consciousness.

When we understand the difference between a Karmic mate relationship and a Sacred Union partnership, the impact becomes clear. With a release of obligatory relationships, the opportunity to claim self-responsibility as a conscious co-creator is upon us now. Whether mindfully conscious of this choice or not, at a cellular level, all beings are experiencing this call to completion.

Simply put, relationship of the self is now seeking partnership with the universe, through a Sacred Union mirror. Breaking free of the chaotic energy stream of density frees you to experience partnership in all-ways! Aligning with the chaotic old paradigms offers a relationship playground where one can experience repetitive patterns and derive the lessons from those patterns repeatedly until a new choice is made.

“In the world of duality, everything is a relationship. In the world of oneness, everything is love.”
The choice is yours! It is your time to be the best you’ve ever been, and your Divine partnership awaits. We are beyond the time where entering relationships at the personality level is enough. People are yearning for true energetic alignment, and deep congruence. Soul families are coming back together and recreating pure streams of energy together. Many people are finding themselves called into new partnerships as a result of this yearning for alignment.

In modern times many people have yearned for a soul mate and many have felt frustrated. Understanding the qualities of the true partnership makes it easier to understand why some relationships never quite “fit,” even though the people involved may have had similar values and interests.

There is a deep inner peace that one finds through reunion with their true soul family. Years of event-responses, especially around relationship and partnership suddenly make sense. Actions, and ways of being that may have had societal stigmas attached, are understood, therefore relaxing self-judgment and creating the spaciousness that is self-love.

Our planet is inviting us to start living again through the ascended model of soul recognition: The gift that releases any sense of Me vs. You and instead fully embraces and recognizes Me AS You. Are we ready for the challenge? Can humanity surrender into the new paradigm of partnership with each other and with her planet?

Perhaps we’ve already come farther than we collectively give ourselves credit for. Perhaps we are already well on the way to living beyond 2012. Today, celebrate that you are awake, you are breathing, you are reading this article… right now. For as you do, you send the signal to the universe that once again, your heart is ready for Sacred Partnership.

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