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Where and Who Is the Spiritual Being?
Looking at the Newborn after 2012

By Joseph Costa, PhD


How aware are we of who the baby is - the newborn infant? My first born - a boy - I loved him because he was mine. My second, another son - I loved him, too, because he was my son also; but I lost him in days - two days. My third son - I loved because he was mine. And my fourth, a girl - I loved dearly, because she was mine. Looking back, I loved them all because they were mine.

That all occurred in my twenties and I am in my eighties now and have the realization that I was hardly aware of their spiritual selves. Today, I look at a newborn whenever I can and ask that newborn - who are you really? Why did you choose this place, these parents you're connected to?

I have learned as a psychology-trained metaphysician that all the babies are spiritual beings who have come into human life knowing why they are here - that they are spiritual beings on a journey of awareness that has purpose, which is theirs. He or she is a seeker - a spiritual seeker of enlightenment.

The true being - the spiritual being -- comes into the essences of materiality as a light-hearted soul being. It has the Mind of all its past experiences and is aware of choosing to exist in matter and a sphere called Earth. Souls have repeatedly transitioned here through their past lives- processing stages of human experience for soul learning and transformation.

The material world is alien to the spiritual being here in its innocence. I discovered my children and I came into a world of confused understandings of what life is about - and we came into a human ego society of primitive human life tied into social concepts totally foreign to the idea of spirit self. The spiritual being is thus kept away from itself by the zealous human structures called society or nationality.

Denied expression as a spiritual being and functioning as a primitive animal infant, it is stripped of its spirituality and forced to mimic older humans. Any effort to object to being a trained animal is disallowed and the soul's essence is relegated to a life expression that is patterned with self-trained dogmatic societies.

Fixed into misunderstood examples of awareness of what a spiritual being might be, the light being - soul person - is denied its spiritual manner and free-seeking spirit. In time, awareness of the state of material existence overrides the densities of earth life and frees the soul to experience life balanced in the Oneness of joy.

Babies to come will be born in light that reflects the spiritual freedom that is loving and harmonious and reflects Oneness with joy. Greet all babies with love knowing they are souls who come to bathe in the Light of Awareness. This is the teaching and hope of the Eagles of Consciousness* who are working in this time of the 2012 Shift - expecting a new world of earth for those who will carry the gift of spiritual truths into the new time of freedom in the world of matter called Earth.

Dr. Joseph Costa's doctorate is in Transpersonal Psychology. He is one of the world's leading authorities in Past Life Therapies and Consciousness Research. In his book "Bringing the Eagles of Consciousness to the World," Dr. Costa writes about the Eagles of Consciousness, Master souls, i.e., Jesus, Lao Tzu, Krishna, Mohammad, and others who are available even today to the young person, to help them discover their spirituality.

The World Healer 4th Annual Conference, "Welcome All Spirituality," will be held June 17-20 at the Hilton Hotel in Mission Valley, San Diego, CA. "We are bringing together people to show the world, not only is it safe to be spiritual - mentally and physically - it is necessary in order to pass through the 2012 shift successfully. For conference information contact the World Healer Institute at, 9820 Willow Creek Rd. #270, San Diego, CA 92131, (858) 467-6974 or visit