Vibrational Healing . . .
Sound Waves in A Bottle
By Ajna Luminaria


Long ago, I became discouraged with mainstream medicine and completely dropped out. In 1973, I discovered Alternative Medicine and began my work in the healing profession. I came to realize that HEALING comes from Spirit/Source, and that Mother Nature, being Spirit in form, provides us with the blueprints for health. Thus, by remaining in harmony with nature, we align with Spirit and experience wholeness as human beings.

In my search for natural healing, I soon discovered that "Wholistic Health" was not necessarily whole or healthy. Natural remedies were made of artificial substances and animal's parts, while Mother Nature was being added to, subtracted from, heated, frozen, capsuled, boxed, hybridized, alkalized, ionized, magnetized, laser scanned or in some other way, altered. Unimpressed, I began my quest for healing on a higher level.

In 1991 a dramatic event took place that completely altered my sense of "normal" reality, and had me questioning my sanity. On the morning of a solar eclipse, I awoke to find myself in such an extremely heightened state of sensitivity that I could literally "feel everything", even the electricity flowing through the near-by electrical wires. Understanding my new "gift", and learning how to work with it was indeed a challenge, but in time it became a trusted ally. And so I inadvertently stepped into the "subtle world" and began my work in Energy Medicine and Vibrational Healing.

The energetic world, as I experience it, is a language of interacting lines of energy that form the living or "sacred geometry" of life. These create the harmonic blueprints of the natural world. I "feel" everything in frequencies and can easily discern whether a frequency is harmonic or dis-harmonic. Thus I am able to instantly perceive whether something is healing or harmful to a living organism.

During consultations I am often asked to "analyze" a specific product, tool or technology. If the item is harmonic and proves beneficial, I provide what is jokingly referred to as the "ASA", or Ajna Seal of Approval. I am always searching for, and am eager to find, those truly remarkable items that can profoundly and effectively assist us on our path to wholeness. It was in this way that I discovered "Intrasound", an amazing new healing tool that has earned my highest respect, the deepest gratitude and yes, even the ASA!

I was thoroughly impressed from the moment I picked up a jar of Intrasound - it was emitting a bright yet gentle frequency, extremely pure and harmonic. Moments later, I felt my brain being repaired! Due to injuries and "eclipse overload", this area had absolute top priority on my healing list. Since it obviously knew what to do and where to go, it must be "intelligent I decided to take some.

I mixed a pinch (of what turned out to be white powdered clay) in a glass of water and drank it. For two hours it worked diligently and accurately on my physical and subtle energy systems. It seemed to go to wherever it was needed. I thought, "Wow, someone has taken HEALING and put it into a bottle!" As it turned out, this is exactly what someone had done.

That someone was Victor Roeh-rich, a powerful hands-on healer. He recognized that it was a "higher force" or "frequency" that flowed through him into the client, and sensed there must be a way to gather this energy and "package" it, making it readily available to all. Thirty years later he had a method that could energize and regenerate the body using high-frequency inaudible sound waves which produced a tone that assisted living cells to come into harmony. This signal seems to have a miraculous effect upon organizing the DNA.

Victor tested his formulas first on race horses to heal injuries, reduce pain and improve performance; he then gave it to Desert Storm and Vietnam veterans, ill from jungle rot, nerve damage and agent orange. Then he shared it with everyone he knew. The results were more than positive; they were spectacular. In 1998, Victor fulfilled his dream and made Intrasound available to the world.

I have personally shared this incredible technology with many people; their stories are mind boggling and heart warming. Results are profound whether using the powder, topical gel or dental products. Creativity is encouraged! One person taped a bag of powder onto the faucet to harmonize tap water.

It comes as no surprise that such gifts are appearing, for it is the time of transformation and they have come to assist. They must be powerful, efficient, no less than spectacular. The tools are here now to help us heal, harmonize, align with ourselves, with Earth and Spirit - so that we may become full human "Be"-ings, and Be Healthy, Happy, Prosperous and Free.

Ajna Luminaria has spent 25 years in the field of health and related research and is an accomplished Healer, Dowser, Intuitive and Environmental Consultant. She is a specialist in the area of Energy Dynamics, Geo-mancy and Vibrational Health. Ajna has co-invented several energy-healing instruments and can do her work long distance. She can be reached at (208) 255-7029 or FAX (208) 255-2319.

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