Juice Fasting at
The Nurturing Nest



The Nurturing Nest, a peaceful retreat with healing natural hot mineral waters, has now added juice fasting to its repertoire of several holistic services.

Owners, Dr. Sandra and Ramesh Gune, will now personally supervise a seven-day fasting program that offers to enliven people's lives as they experience a new surge of energy. "Fasting is a safer and spiritual way to be in touch with yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually as you rid yourself of body toxins," said Dr. Sandra, who just completed her own 14-day fast.

The seven-day program involves drinking organic fruit and vegetable juices three times a day, natural colon cleansing with Ayurvedic herbal products, guided journaling, meditation, yoga and breathing exercises, a native American sweat lodge ceremony, a daily nature walk, support counseling, and healing music and aroma.

Unlimited use of the Nest's own natural mineral hot water spa and outdoor pool, starry nights, whistling winds, and magnificent mountain views enhance your spirituality in the beautiful desert. While fasting, one can avail themselves of the Nest's other holistic treatments including gentle touch chiropractic, guided imagery, energy balancing, ear coning, and massages.

The Nest is a seven-room, very private resort accented by rustic glamour and aesthetic decor. For more information, please call (760) 251-0973.

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