Mother May I?
Rev. Jenenne R. Macklin



Mother, may I? When I was thinking about our relationships with our mothers, I remembered a fun game I played as a child. The key to the game was asking someone in authority for permission to take so many steps toward a goal.

To some degree, some of us are still playing the game unconsciously as we move through life. Mother, may I grow up? Mother, may I have an opinion different than yours and still receive your love? Mother, may I be an adult woman in your eyes? Mother, may I choose not to marry and have children?

Adult women, or soon-to-be-adult women particularly find themselves asking, "Mother, may I?" For some she is our dearest friend, for others she is a perpetual source of heightened anxiety and still for others she is a reminder of our inadequacies and insecurities. Mother-daughter, Queen-Princess, and adult-child relationships present each of us with incredible opportunities for growth, healing, evolution and unfolding.

For reasons too many to list, this mother-daughter dance can be one of stepping on toes, swells of overwhelming joy and love, disappointment and synchronistic movements. As the spiritually chosen vessel for our arrival into this world, Mother is sacred, yet human. She too is on this spiritual journey of becoming, awakening and unfolding into all the various roles for her fulfillment, inclusive of, but not limited to, being a mother.

So often, we look back over our lives, especially at our mother-daughter relationships, through the critical eye of the present, which has a difficult time grasping the reality of the past. We hold unrealistic expectations of our earthly mothers, expectations more appropriately held for our Divine Heavenly Mother.

This Mother's Day recognize that it is not mother you need to ask, but the mothering quality within yourself, which stands ready to give you guidance, authority, approval, support and unconditional love from a point of wholeness and sacredness. Understand that mothering isn't limited to those with children.

We all have projects and spiritual missions that we have carried through the creative process and given birth to, which spark our mothering instinct. The mothering quality within each of us encourages us to take better care of ourselves, to sit in silence, and to forgive ourselves. It empowers us to recognize how truly divine we are.

Mother's Day is a time to merge the roles from our childhood game. Mother, may I? The answer now must come from within. Say "yes" to your heart's desires and step boldly in the direction of your goals.

Rev. Jenenne R. Macklin, LCSW, is a speaker, author of "Faith The Size of A Mustard Seed" and Spiritual Leader of Living in the Light Ministry, Los Angeles, CA. She can be reached at (626) 683-3326.

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