Easy Ways To Take Years
Off Your Looks
By Helena Young



There are so many ways to take years off your looks . . . We all are searching for that fountain of youth. The exterior tricks are known to all; use color for a lift, hair, make-up, and fashion. Color perks up everything. We try new styles, experiment with new ideas to get out of the routine. Cosmetic counters sell billions annually as we attempt to maintain soft dewy skin - make-up tricks abound.

All of the above are good, yes, if it feels good and can we camouflage. What we forget in our daily stressed and harried lives is that beauty and youthfulness also need to be dealt with from within. Did you know that if you spend your day on an energy roller coaster, you can prevent the fatigue and exhaustion that overtakes some people by simply revising your eating habits?

A normal day for some starts with some energy, but by mid-morning you have bottomed out, A simple solution - caffeine or sweets - a temporary fix, but what happens in an hour? Back to feeling tired, difficulty concentrating, and so goes the cycle all day, leaving you exhausted by day's end. Does this sound familiar? You need to go back to the basics.

All beauty and a youthful outlook starts with a healthy mind and a healthy body. Start by examining all the negative input we have received from our culture. We need to eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. We were meant to move, bend, stretch, be kind to ourselves, and bask in natural light. Let's go back to the basics again. Your auto won't run properly on inferior gas - and it certainly won't move when the tank is empty.

So why are we eating so improperly, or better yet, starving ourselves to be thin? Did you know vegetarians age more slowly? Why you ask? They have much higher levels of plant antioxidants in their blood- stream that ward off aging and chronic diseases. They have more feisty immune systems to ward off infections and generally eat fewer calories and lower amounts of dangerous fats. Let's start with nutrition. First read all that you can.

In my next sermon, I will cover exercise, stress reduction, etc.

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