By Julianna Joyce Perkins




A Practical Guide to Growing through Love
By Joyce & Barry Visell

I have been an avid fan of the Visells since I read their book "Risk To Be Healed". Joyce and Barry, a nurse and medical doctor, write a monthly column on healing, relationships, and parenting that appears in thirty publications nationwide. They are well-deserved recipients of the Aquarian Award, a national honor given to those who have made an "outstanding contribution to the transformation of human consciousness".

In "The Heart's Wisdom" Joyce and Barry show us how every relationship serves as a mirror in which you can see and understand the deeper, hidden parts of yourself. They believe we have a longing for a deeper connection, not only with other people but with our own hearts as well. By walking the path of relationship, we deepen the soul's capacity for compassion and the heart's capacity to embrace love.

This helps us to understand how to eliminate the four most common relationship fears; how to heal a blocked sexual relationship; why saying 'no' is fundamental to learning to love; and what jealously teaches us.

The books states "Our culture glorifies the mind. Yet real wisdom can only be found in a much deeper place within us, the heart. . . the mind can be a great tool, but it can also seek control in the guise of power. The heart is already powerful and intuitively knowing, so it has no need to control anything.

Everyone wants to stay in love, but why do some relationships make it, while others don't? Why does love flourish in some relationships, while getting buried in others? What are the secrets of a healthy and fulfilling relationship?

In "The Heart's Wisdom", the Vissells share with us, guide us and teach us how to go deeply within to find our true beauty and value, which then opens us to the opportunity of entering into the love and relationships that we so long for.

Published by Conari Press, this book is available at your local bookstore.



By Susan Kramer-Wright, Ph.D.

"You can't get what you want when you don't know what it is." How often we wonder why our relationships don't work out, but don't know what to do to change it.

Susan is owner/director of Creative Life Change Institute, and founder of AdviceLink, a licensed mental health professional electronic networks in Ohio and California. She is a Masters Level Therapist and trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming, Thought Field Therapy, and Generative Touch.

"Be Your Own Matchmaker" helps you to understand 'how you tick' and then expands your choices and enhances your chances of finding and maintaining a successful and fulfilling relationship.

Haven't found the right person in your life yet? Susan states the real problem may be in how we make our choices. When we realize that things aren't right, we tend to hang on anyway. The fear of letting go, of being alone, plagues many individuals, causing them to stay in destructive relationships. You will know that you have a good relationship when you feel good about yourself when you are with that special person.

Susan gives some interesting food for thought, guidelines to help you look inward, and checklists on discovering who you really want. And who better then to find the right person for you, than you!

To order book, or find out about tapes and seminars contact: Susan Wright, Ph.D., c/o Creative Life Change Institute,1392 Warren Rd., #2, Lakewood, Ohio 44107 or call (216)221-2222.



A Book of Healing Affirmations Written and Illustrated by
Connie Bowen

A few issues back our very own Christopher Thornhill reviewed Connie Bowen's book "I Believe In Me". This 11-year-old child found Connie's affirmations and artistry a book to be cherished. She offered him a way to increase his sense of self and to encourage him to see his own value.

Although written to all ages, including children and teenagers, "I Turn to the Light" has a definite healing power about it. My own mother was in the hospital in congestive heart failure when this book was mailed to me to consider for review. As I turned each page it spoke to me, and transported me to a level I needed to go. My grief and concern for my mother was overwhelming. The affirmations brought a light to my heart, and hope to my soul.

I shared my new-found hope with my mother. I approached her with the concepts within the book. She opened to what I had to say. She made some tough decisions without fear, without hopelessness.

For those of you who want to be touched, or give a gift of love to someone who could benefit from some blessed words and inspired illustration, I encourage you to purchase this wonderful book of affirmations, and allow the grace to fall upon you.

Published by Unity Books Press, this book is available at your local bookstore.

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