By Scott and Shannon Peck



How do you get the love you deserve?

Everyone wants to be perfectly loved. And it is possible! But it sure didn't seem so to either of us after our separate divorces. Today, we are the happiest married couple in the universe. And since this is the first column from us as "The Love Team," it makes sense to start with our love story. There are profound lessons here for anyone seeking perfect love.

Scott's story in his words
After I was divorced, I felt unworthy. I felt that I would never experience the genuine love I thought would be a natural part of my life. Even though it was an enormous relief to be finished with an unhappy marriage, I knew I had a lot of love to give.

Why shouldn't I be loved as richly as I knew I could give love?

I came to a revealing conclusion: I would rather remain single forever than ever again be unhappily married. I knew right then that I had inwardly crossed a key mental mile-marker. I had decided that if I were ever to remarry (which, to be honest, I doubted), my needs and dreams deserved to be richly valued and loved. I thought to myself, "I deserve to be well loved."

This idea empowered my entire inner life and sense of self-esteem. It felt good to love myself enough to claim such love.

Over the next months, this idea kept strengthening within me until, finally, in the privacy of my own consciousness, it exploded in light. I thought to myself, "This is even bigger than deserving to be well loved. I deserve to be perfectly loved!"

I felt the power of this idea so keenly that I knew right then it was inevitable that I would experience perfect love - even though there was no one special in my love life at that time. I was as sure of my right to perfect love as I was sure the sun would rise the next day.

I knew time and circumstances had nothing to do with it. My consciousness had risen to an entirely new dimension. I was absolutely sure of success in experiencing my right to the perfect love I deserved.

Several weeks later, while I was conducting a workshop on unconditional love, one of the participants raised her hand to answer a question. I didn't know her, but I immediately felt a tremendous connection to her. It was Shannon.

Even though I had come to the conclusion that I deserved to be perfectly loved, was I right to intuit so strongly that she was the person? Whether or not she was the person, I didn't know at that time. But I continued to feel the clear presence of my new-found right to be perfectly loved, regardless of who that would be. This is what it taught me: The consciousness of perfect love precedes the event.

When I returned to work, there was a message waiting - would I please call her. We met that weekend - the beginning of a bond of unity that expanded to the perfect love I now enjoy with Shannon, my extraordinary wife and phenomenal love-mate.

Shannon's story in her words
When my ex-husband left me, after eighteen years of marriage, my self-esteem was at an all-time low. I was devastated, even though it had never been a happy marriage. The pain was almost unbearable. My needs were overwhelming.

I began working to heal myself, (I am a spiritual healer), working each afternoon in my office, whenever my phone was quiet. I'll never forget the first afternoon I did this.

When, for the millionth time, I felt prompted to feel devastated, I went into a mode of bold and powerful affirmations based on my deeply held understanding that I am spiritual.

My affirmations specifically challenged and replaced unspiritual thoughts I was thinking about myself. Whatever I needed at the most fundamental emotional level, I turned into a powerful affirmation. All my affirmations came forth from my highest sense of spiritual truth.

For example, I boldly declared to my consciousness such truths as:

* Love is seeking me out and claiming me as its own, saying, "You are mine! You belong to me!"

* The entire area of my consciousness that appears to be so dark is actually filled with great light. I am in this light. I live in the splendor of this glorious moment!

* Because I am spiritual, I am singled out by infinite Love and labeled worthy of praise and adoration. I feel and see Love rejoicing over me, celebrating me.

* Because I am spiritual, Love has a wonderful plan for me that names me in the plan as absolutely essential. Love makes sure I am aware of this.

* I am guided, comforted, and protected by Love. I feel secure with all life's changes because Love is the governing, intelligent power of my life.

Sometimes, as I stated these and many other affirmations, I would giggle and laugh out loud. These affirmations were so far from my experience that it seemed ridiculous to state them as true.

However, I was accustomed to going to the divine core and making bold statements of Truth - and later seeing their power to rule the situation. I trusted my spiritual reasoning implicitly.

Within a short while, the expression of Love began to fill my life. I met Scott and a magnificent friendship began. I could see this wonderful love as the true manifestation of my spiritual affirmations. This was divine Love's law of attraction working at its best! You can trust it too!

This excerpt is from their book, "The Love You Deserve, 10 Keys to Perfect Love". "Liberating Your Magnificence, 25 Keys to Loving and Healing Yourself", their second book, is due out in September. For more information, please visit  or call 1 (800) 266-1525.

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