Instead of Getting Mad, I Got Healthy!
By Dr. William R. Kellas, Ph.D



"What a feeling of joy and ecstasy I had the day I threw my wheelchair away!"

Back in 1978, I was a desperate man.  At the age of just 28, I was diagnosed as having a crippling disease.  My body was literally disintegrating, day by day, right before my eyes.

The medical establishment gave me a verdict of "no hope" at the rate I was deteriorating, and the anti-inflammatories they were giving me after one and a half years were causing ulcers.  The doctors told me that I would be bound to a wheelchair for life. Even though my body was weak and wracked with pain, I was determined to prove the doctors wrong.  This began my lifelong quest for natural health, healing and longevity.

I spent the next 18 years researching deadly new diseases, as well as alternative treatments.  I studied medicine, biochemistry, herbs, nutrition, immunology, toxicology, microbiology structure and more.  Through all of this training, I gained a deep understanding of how the body really works.  My most startling discovery was that many chronic pains, diseases and illnesses, just like mine, are linked directly to invisible toxins, poisons, and heavy metals that invade our bodies and set up an environment of pathogenic organisms.

Everybody thinks that when they kill the microbiology, they kill the disease.  But then it comes right back.  It is like putting out a fire, but not catching the arsonist.  What I didn't know at the time was that I was a walking "toxic time bomb" ready to explode.

These are the very same toxins that may be affecting your health, toxins that are unseen dangers invading your body.  You may be carrying an invisible burden that could be destroying your health.  That burden is what I call "toxic suppressors". Left unchecked, they can break down your body's defense system and lead to many dangerous health problems.

Imagine going on a ten-mile hike - most people carry a 40-lb. backpack.  But because of the toxins in your body, you are carrying an 80-lb. backpack, a 100-lb. backpack, or even a 150-lb. backpack.  You would not only slow down; you would eventually break down.

Chances are slim that your doctor will tell you that toxins may be a root cause of your health problems.  He or she may not even know about toxins.  But just consider these toxic suppressors . . .

1. Powerful chemical toxins are poisoning your body.
For example, asbestos in older buildings can damage your cells, making them look like a porcupine under a microscope.  Pesticides in foods have been linked to breast cancer.  Chemically-laden paints and solvents can damage your nervous system, your liver, even your heart.  Corrosives in air conditioning units can cause asthma and bronchitis.

2. Drugs and medications can make you sicker, even kill you.
Don't be fooled into believing that drugs are a panacea for all ills.  Drugs can often override and interfere with the body's own natural healing.  I've seen many cases where side effects of drugs do much more damage than good.  Worse, Johns Hopkins Medical Letter states: "Prescribed hospital drugs are so toxic they kill 130,000 Americans every year."

3. Food tainted with toxic additives is a huge but ignored danger.
The FDA lists over 2,800 "intentional" food additives, many of which are sulfur or tar based, and unnatural for our bodies.  Food manufacturers, out to make as much money in as little time as possible, use hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, dyes, and pesticides, all with potentially dangerous symptoms and side effects.

4. Toxic heavy metals drag down your immune system.
Shockingly, metal toxicity may be linked to numerous health problems such as arthritis, ulcers, allergies, fatigue and headaches.  One example is mercury poisoning.  Did you know that mercury is the main component in common "silver" dental fillings?  Dental and gum fillings can release mercury, tin, copper, silver and sometimes zinc into the body. Do you ever have your ear lobes swell and get infected when you wear earrings?  That also could be a problem of toxic heavy metals.

5. Chronic air pollutants pose an almost "inescapable" health threat.
Our air, both indoors and outdoors, is laden with dangerous ozone, carbon monoxide, pesticides, sulfur oxides and more.  Symptoms will include headache, asthma, lung disease, fatigue, and even cancer susceptibility.  One in 20 deaths in cities is linked to air pollution, and over 75 million Americans are affected by indoor air pollution in both houses and offices.

6. Toxic contaminants in your drinking water are a deadly peril.
Contaminants include nitrates, bacteria, pesticides, radon, metals and lead.  Lead in drinking water is linked to 680,000 cases of high blood pressure . . . more than 10,000 bladder and rectal cancer cases each year are tied to trihalomethanes found in tainted drinking water . . . and more than 250,000 violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act were found in a one year period, affecting over 120 million Americans.

7. Toxic personal care products pose a hidden health threat to you.
Believe it or not, cologne, perfumes and lotions can be dangerous to your health.  Some colognes contain dozens of chemicals, such as petrochemicals, alcohol, penetrants and musks, none of which belongs in the human body.  Here's just one good example: Toluene is found in most colognes, but it has been linked to headaches, fatigue, asthma, seizures, birth defects and cancer.


Instead of just getting mad, I got healthy!

Back when I was gravely ill, nobody told me that the root cause of my problems was toxins which had ravaged my body.  Toxins had broken down my immune system and made me susceptible to a crippling disease.  When I first made this "connection," I was angry.   I had endured batteries of tests . . . suffered excruciating pain . . . spent tens of thousands of dollars . . . almost lost all hope, all for a verdict by the medical establishment that I would be wheelchair bound.

Soon after this revelation, I embarked on a quest to cleanse my body naturally of toxins . . . to flush my system of poisons . . . to live a healthier, more energetic life . . . and to ignite my body's own healing.  After I healed my body, I decided to share the knowledge I had learned to help others on their quest for a healthier lifestyle. 

As the co-founder of the Center for Advanced Medicine in Encinitas, CA, along with my partner Mark Drucker, M.D. and the other dedicated trained practitioners and staff, my goal is to bring the best of holistic and traditional medicine together to better serve our patients. Dr. Drucker and I have dedicated our lives to not only staying healthy, but also helping others on their quest for taking charge of their health as we move into the 21st century.

Dr. William Kellas, Ph.D., is the founder of the Center for Advanced Medicine in Encinitas, CA. He and Dr. Andrea Sharon Dworkin authored "Surviving the Toxic Crisis" and "Thriving in a Toxic World". He is also the author of "The Toxic Immune Syndrome Cookbook". He and Dr. Drucker host the syndicated radio show "Health Talk - A Second Opinion", which is heard every Saturday in Southern California from 11 a.m. to 12 noon. He is also a guest on national television and radio and is a guest speaker at conventions. Dr. Kellas can be reached at 1 (888) 244-4420 or at the Center for Advanced Medicine at (760) 632-9042. 

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