We Care Fasting Retreat
By Geoff Parker, Publisher, The ECHO

I'm starting my fourth day without any food! Four down, ten to go. I originally had planned on staying here at We Care Holistic Health Center in Desert Hot Springs for one week, but luckily was able to extend it to two weeks.

This place is great. It's about ten miles from Palm Springs in a very quiet, out of the way area. It has nicely landscaped grounds, many bougainvillea bushes, pool, sauna, about 15 guest rooms - all producing a very serene feeling - especially after days without food.

There are very few places in the country where one can go and fast, but I have a feeling they will start to become more widespread. If more people really knew about the benefits of fasting, these type of places would become a booming business. People who adopt a lifestyle of fasting and eating natural foods seem vibrant yet calm, fun and spiritual. The mother and daughter who own this place, plus many of those who work here, are prime examples. They all seem so much younger than their years.

I look at fasting as giving the body a rest and helping to eliminate stored-up toxins. Except for a couple of short-term headaches, I have felt better every day. We drink so much liquid that you never really feel hungry. Today I woke up feeling energized. I am looking forward to a rigorous walk, looking forward to making business calls, looking forward to socializing with others here. These things I could always psyche myself up to do in the past, but right now I am anxious to do them!

Here's roughly the regime at We Care. Walks, yoga, nutrition class, colonics, massages plus many other treatments available. We drink lots of purified water, fresh vegetable juice, herbal teas, and soup broth at night.

Personally, I have felt bogged down most of my life. I grew up somewhat chubby - my nickname as a kid was Porky. I have always eaten a lot of sugar, most of the wrong foods, addiction problems, etc. I truly think a place like this will be the jump start to a whole new way of life for me. A way of life that's much more spiritual, much more productive and happy. I plan on fasting one day a week plus seven days every three months, along with eating seven natural organic foods in between. I'll still have my splurge once in a while - it's like Paul Bragg said, "It's not what you eat once in a while that matters, but what you eat 90% of the time."

For more information, please call (800) 888-2523 and request a brochure.

(Reprinted with permission from The ECHO, Bellingham, Washington)

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