By Kay Walburger



Celebrate This Mother's DayBy Esteeming Mother Earth!
Mother's Day is reported to be one of the single most important days of the year according to the greeting card companies and the florist and restaurant industry. Mother's Apple Pie and the Flag are synonymous with wholesome values near and dear to almost all humans universally.

That newborn babe laid into his Mother's loving arms, first sees the face of love and starts bonding and imprinting. These bonds are strong and lifelong. Children love their parents even when they are less than ideal, and the early formative years are especially significant between mother and child.

On Mother's Day we begin to reminisce and give thanks individually for what is best in our Mom. The older one gets, the more we see how precious that time was when we spent learning and loving from each other. Mother and Child Love is unique and sets the heart up to experience and express other types of love in our lives. Mothers nurture by nourishing, teaching, playing, disciplining, and gradually giving more and more freedom, so we can go forth and repeat the process.

In the time before recorded time, the humans on this planet called their home Mother Earth. They saw the connection between their human mother who nurtured and nourished them and the Good Earth which, like her, provided for their needs and desires. Earliest humans lived in peace and harmony with all of nature and it was a good life.

These people studied Mother Earth and learned from her tides and seasons; they learned from the nesting birds and the web-spinning spider; they studied the she-wolf with her young, and all of nature had lessons to teach them. They cherished this knowledge and wisdom, and passed on the wisdom by the telling of stories. By night they looked to the stars and moon and in time charted their journeys across the skies. By day they paid homage to the dazzling sun that warmed their bodies, lighted their pathway and drew the green vegetation from the soil.

Mother Earth had created a Garden of Earthly delights to dazzle their eyes. She presented a sumptuous banquet of aromatic fruits, flowers, nuts, seeds, berries and herbs to nourish their bodies, all in abundant supply. For thousands of years humans lived virtually in total peace and harmony with nature, other life forms and each other. They created rituals and ceremonies to celebrate the sacred gifts of Mother Earth to her adored children.

Over time the humans seemed to become more and more hostile, wanting first to subdue nature, fighting and quarreling with each other over boundaries they made up and then useless slaughtering of other life forms, plants and animals, many of which are now extinct. They even began to kill each other. War and rumors of war became a way of life for thousands of years of recorded history. War with each other, war with nature and with what results? If you don't know, watch the late-breaking news in full color every hour of every day!

The Big Question
What would happen if each of us would choose to esteem Mother Earth in the same way we do our beloved human Mother?

A few years ago, I went to my first Earth Day Celebration and was both shocked, dismayed and encouraged by what I saw and heard. I saw documentaries of what this slaughter on nature was doing and would continue to do to our habitat. I saw predictions of floods just like those we've been seeing on the news the last several years. What does it take to get our attention?

Let each and every one of us declare Mother's Day - Mother Earth Day as well. To honor Mother Earth is to honor all mothers.

Good Habits Can Save Our Habitat
What can one person do to make a difference? Glad you asked - start by making the decision to do your part. A few simple decisions made and kept can make a world of difference. Once you make a habit of it, go to the next choice. When millions of people make good choices we can see the results. Awareness Magazine is full of ideas, how-to's, etc., to get you started!

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